Get Lost in Your Next Young Adult Series

Discover your next favorite YA series below.

Looking for your next favorite Young Adult series but still want to find freebies? Then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of YA series for you to enjoy. Chock full of romance, adventure, and coming-of-age tales, we have the best books for you.
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The Frostmarked Chronicles Young Adult Series

A Dagger in the Winds (The Frostmarked Chronicles Book 1) by Brendan Noble: A warrior shrouded in darkness. A witch sworn to revenge. A winter unbounded. Percy Jackson meets The Witcher in this epic fantasy ...
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Wolves of Shadow Grove Young Adult Series

Blue Moon Eyes (Wolves of Shadow Grove Book 1) by Leah Copeland: When Sydney stumbles into a supernatural war, her entire reality changes. Werewolves exist, and now she's on the run from a world she ...
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Kit and Tully Young Adult Series

First Kiss (Kit and Tully Book 1) by Mocha Von Bee: Love or Music… Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay? Love will give Kit and Tully a future together, ...
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Clement Young Adult Series

Clement: Boy Knight of Normandy (Clement Book 1) by Craig Hipkins: The Clement series is about friendship, honor and standing up to wickedness that plagues the world. In book 1, 13-year-old Clement leads a rag-tag ...
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Capes & Masks Young Adult Series

First Knight (Capes & Masks Book 1) by Lucas Flint: Eighteen-year-old Alex Fry (Beams) thinks he's seen it all in his year and a half as a part-time sidekick. That's why he's surprised when the ...
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