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The best books in life are free, and we know where to find them. Freebooksy empowers readers like you to read more for less by finding and sharing hundreds of Amazon Kindle and other free eBooks to read every week. At Freebooksy, it’s our goal to never let your budget stop you from doing what you love: reading.

We’ll help you find your new favorite author or series without spending any money by sharing free eBooks on our social media feeds and website.

Plus, we deliver a free, curated, personalized list of eBook downloads to your email inbox daily! Whether you’re looking for Amazon Kindle books, free Nook books, Kobo books, or free Apple books, you’ll never go a day without reading again.

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a new book. We also know how frustrating it is to search online for hours trying to find free eBooks to read and eBook downloads that actually work. That’s why we created Freebooksy.

Freebooksy makes it easy for you to discover free eBooks in your favorite genre regardless of your budget. We find free eBooks we know you’ll love and send them your way.

Avid readers sign up to receive a list of free Amazon Kindle books every day. This curated list is personalized to you. Simply tell us which eReader you use and the genres you love, and we’ll send you emails filled with free eBooks to read. But make sure to use the free eBook download before the price goes back up!

We make it easy for you to build up your personal library without spending a dime. Find free Amazon Kindle eBooks from your favorite authors and capitalize on a no-risk chance to discover your next favorite indie authors too.

Why Freebooksy?
• Get dozens of free eBook downloads in your genres of choice sent directly to you every morning!
• Choose from multiple book types, including Amazon Kindle eBooks, free Apple books, Kobo books, free Nook books, and more!
• Personalize your free booklist with over 20 genres of eBooks available!
• Spend less time searching for free eBooks to read and more time reading them!

Whether you’re looking for Amazon books online or Kobo books, reading just got more fun and way less expensive with Freebooksy!

Like you, we are avid readers who love diving into a great book and getting lost in the story page after page. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find free eBooks to read in your favorite genre. With device and genre preferences seamlessly integrated into your personalized book selection, finding Amazon Kindle eBooks is easier than ever.

With Freebooksy, you’ll find all your favorite genres in one place and always free, including:
• Romance/Chick Lit
• Mystery/Thriller
• Fantasy/Paranormal
• Non-Fiction
• Young Adult
• Science Fiction
• Literary Fiction
• Religion/Spirituality
• Children’s
• Horror

Long gone are the days where you have to filter through the massive volume of free Amazon Kindle books to find something you’ll enjoy. We search everywhere for free books so you don’t have to and deliver eBook downloads straight to your inbox every day. Sign up for Freebooksy today for free books you’ll love at a price you’ll love even more… FREE!

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