Get Lost in Your Next Great Mystery Series

Discover your next favorite mystery series below.

If you want to find one of the best mystery books series but still want to read free books, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a mystery book series list to dive into. You’ll find a good mystery book series, whether you’re in the mood for a murder mystery book series, cozy mystery book, or a fast-paced thriller.
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David Chance Series

Messages by John Michael Hileman: What would you do if you started seeing messages in the words around you? It would be weird, wouldn't it? But what if those messages warned you of future events ...
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The Arkana Archaeology Mystery Series

The Granite Key by N. S. Wikarski: How does a lost civilization keep its most precious and dangerous artifact from falling into the wrong hands? The relic’s guardians scatter clues to its hiding place across ...
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Special Access Series

Special Access by Mark A. Hewitt: Basking in the glory of killing Osama bin Laden, the President revealed that US Navy SEALs carried out the mission. His constant heralding of their heroism and capabilities damaged ...
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Darmon Mysteries Series

Message of the Pendant: Darmon Mysteries (Book 1) by Thomas Thorpe: If you enjoy complex mysteries and historical novels, this series is Romancing the Stone fun. During a social function in England at Mayfair Hall ...
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The Iron Eagle Series

Rise of The Iron Eagle: The Iron Eagle Series (Book 1) by Roy A. Teel Jr.: Justice has evolved! A new anti-hero for the 21st century, who sends his murder victims to their deaths with ...
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