Get Lost in Your Next Great Mystery Series

Discover your next favorite mystery series below.

If you want to find one of the best mystery books series but still want to read free books, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a mystery book series list to dive into. You’ll find a good mystery book series, whether you’re in the mood for a murder mystery book series, cozy mystery book, or a fast-paced thriller.
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Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series

Gone But Not Missed (A Nathan Miccoli Mystery Book 1) by A R Kennedy: How long would you be gone before someone took action? Lily wakes up in an exact replica of her bedroom with ...
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The Angler Mystery Series

Vampire Bait (The Angler Book 1) by Annie Nicholas: Live bait makes all the difference. Mysterious deaths have occurred in Budapest and vampires are suspected. Connie Bence fits the victim profile perfectly so her slayer ...
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Larue Donavan Mystery Series

Me and My Ghoulfriends (Larue Donavan Book 1) by Rose Pressey: LaRue is both a bookstore owner and a psychic investigator. When the ghost of Abraham Lincoln interferes with her love life - she must ...
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Arkana Archaeology Mystery Thriller Series

The Granite Key (Arkana Archaeology Mystery Thriller Series Book 1) by N. S. Wikarski: By 1000 BCE, Minoan culture is hovering on the brink of collapse. The besieged island nation hides its greatest treasures where ...
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Deadline Cozy Mystery Series

Sunny Side Up (A Deadline Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Sonia Parin: A long overdue visit to a small island town lands Eve Lloyd as a prime suspect in her ex-husband’s death and her aunt’s ...
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