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What Are Science Fiction Books?

Known as one of the most creative genres in literature, the best science fiction books and stories are rooted in otherworldly, futuristic events, characters, technologies, and plots to help the reader escape reality, even if it’s just for a chapter or two each day. Science fiction has long been a popular genre, with its earliest beginnings thought to have been in the second century, with a long list of classic sci-fi stories widely studied today.

Throughout the sci-fi genre, you will enjoy storylines where anything is possible, with elements reaching far beyond reality into time or space travel, scientific advancements, parallel universes, mind control, teleportation, and so much more.

8 of the Best Sci-Fi Books We Can't Live Without

8 Of The Best Sci-Fi Books We Can’t Live Without

There are countless sci-fi subgenres a reader can enjoy. To help you more accurately identify the kind of science fiction stories you’d like to explore, take a look at some of the most popular sci-fi subgenres:

Fantasy Fiction

Inspired by real-world myths and folklore, fantasy fiction often features elements of magic, talking animals, and other fantastical imaginary elements.

Classic Sci-Fi Books to Get You Started in the Genre

Classic sci-fi books to get you started in the genre

Dystopian Fiction

The primary focus of dystopian fiction is political repression, or a dystopian society, where societal freedoms are far and few between or completely not existent. These stories often focus on oppression, poverty, and overt governmental power.

Utopian Fiction

Opposite of dystopian fiction is utopian fiction, a sci-fi subgenre focused on idealistic, perfect societies, often featuring elements of equality, social justice, and economic prosperity.

Supernatural Fiction

Supernatural fiction stories often contradict the natural world, filling the storyline with supernatural events and characters, including but not limited to ghostly or demonic spirits, elves, trolls, goblins, shape-shifters, vampires, zombies, witchcraft, psychic ability, and more.

Science Fiction Books for Kids Covers

Let them love reading with these science fiction books for kids

Space Western

Space western stories feature common science fiction storylines with a western twist, like alien cowboys, lawlessness, vast landscapes, outlaws, criminals, bandits, and more.

Space Opera

Derived from the term “soap opera,” space opera are Shakespearean stories featuring elements of romance, adventure, and conflict in some part of the universe or intergalactic empire.

sci-fi romance books

Sci-Fi Romance Books Where Love Always Wins

Alien Invasion

Another popular sci-fi subgenre is all about alien invasions. Whether they come to eradicate humans or take over the universe one planet at a time, you can expect these extraterrestrials to wreak havoc along the way.

Expand Your Imagination With These Science Fiction Books for Teens

Expand Your Imagination with These Science Fiction Books for Teens


Often taking place in a somewhat dystopian society, cyberpunk sci-fi stories heavily rely on the question of our own technology leading to our demise, often through the eyes of a character who understands the technology extremely well.


Unlike cyberpunk, steampunk sci-fi stories offer an alternative reality, blending advanced technology with a 19th and 20th century aesthetic, like steam-powered machines.

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