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What are Non-Fiction Books?

A non-fiction book is any book that shares insights, facts, and information about the real world. Non-fiction books can be based on current or past events, people, places, animals, and things. Non-fiction books are available for any reading age and can be broken down into several subgenres, including:


Learn about the life of an individual (typically famous for something) through their own eyes. Or, learn the history of someone’s life, as told by someone else by reading a biography!


Travel to ancient worlds or brush up on your nation’s recent history with a good history book. A non-fiction history book will take you through true accounts of past people, places, things, and events that are often reflected through the eyes and beliefs of the author.


Non-fiction travel books vary from travel guides that direct you where to go and what to see or through travel memoirs documenting someone’s experiences while traveling.

Academic Text

Academic texts aim to teach you about a specific subject, idea, or trade. This could be a book for learning a musical instrument or school subject and generally take the form of school textbooks.


From scientific theories to questioning the universe, philosophy is a non-fiction genre aimed at answering fundamental questions of knowledge, existence, and reality.


From true crime to covering breaking news topics, journalistic writing and non-fiction books aim to document facts and events that are happening or have already happened. Journalism writing can take many different forms, like peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, newspaper articles, magazines, and more.


Self-help books aim to help the reader solve a personal problem or dilemma. This could be for a mental health struggle, an addiction, weight loss, relationship advice, financial help, or overall self-improvement.


Instructional books, guides, and how-tos aim to teach the reader something new by walking them through the steps. An instructional book or guide could teach you how to fix a car, play an instrument, cook, host a party, learn to sew. The possibilities are endless.

Humor & Commentary

As a form of creative nonfiction, humor and commentary books aim to reflect on real-world events through the author’s point of view in a lighthearted and comical way. Examples could include autobiographical works and cross over into other genres.

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