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The Best Horror Book Subgenres

You might be surprised to learn that horror literature is one of the earliest recorded forms of storytelling. It’s true! From Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” classic horror novels have captivated reader’s minds for several decades.

While the idea of a “horror” novel may cause some readers to immediately assume the story is full of blood and gore, horror offers much more than just gruesome scenes. To help you narrow down the right kind of horror novel subgenre to suit your taste, we’ve put together a list of the most popular horror novel subgenres today’s readers are loving.


Craving a classic horror novel by a new author? Gothic horror is it. The original horror genre, gothic horror features a mix of romance, horror, and death. What’s not to love!


Botched experiments, mad scientists, alien invasions, oh my! Sci-fi horror crosses through space and time for an immersive, otherworldly story you’ll have a hard time putting down.


Want a little scare, followed by a little laugh? Comedy horror books have you covered. Famous comedy-horror book examples you might have heard of are Shaun of the Dead and the Zombie Survival Guide, and of course, all of the brand new comedy-horror books waiting for you at Freebooksy!


Ready to be frightened by what cannot be explained? Then paranormal horror books may be for you! Paranormal horror includes ghostly and demonic entities, witchcraft, possessions, and hauntings sure to spook.


If you’re interested in reading about monsters, werewolves, vampires, and other nature-defying creatures, supernatural horror is the best horror book category for you. Supernatural horror and paranormal horror can often overlap, which means you may like both! Luckily, you have Freebooksy to test the waters in both genres without spending a dime.

Post Apocalyptic

Escape your safe and comfortable living room and dive into a post-apocalyptic horror novel centered around plagues, vampires, zombies, or aliens wiping out and taking over the earth. Regardless of the main character, any post-apocalyptic horror novel will revolve around civilization coming to an end and what follows, well, you’ll just need to read to find out!


Psychological horror novels focus on frightening the reader mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Rather than scary monsters, psychological horrors typically consist of human monster-type characters like sociopaths or clinically insane hospital escapees.

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