Best Post-Apocalyptic Books

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Realistic Post Apocalyptic Book Covers

Realistic Post-Apocalyptic Books

What are Post-Apocalyptic Books About?

nine of the best post apocalyptic books

Nine of The Best Post-Apocalyptic Books

Post-apocalyptic novels are works of fiction that focus on life after the apocalypse. The core of these books takes place in the future, although many also describe life before the apocalypse to help the reader gain a better understanding of the characters and setting. Each author takes a unique approach to a post-apocalyptic world. Some novels focus on a zombie-infested, post-world war, while others describe the surroundings as desolate and worn from a hazardous event that wiped out civilization. However, what most have in common is that some significant event caused the apocalypse–such as a worldwide illness, a war, government control, or nuclear event–and the main character must navigate what’s left of the world they once knew. 

Fun Facts About Post-Apocalyptic Books

The post-apocalyptic genre has been around for nearly two centuries. Today, most literary historians attribute Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley–known for her most famous novel, Frankenstein–as the first author to write a post-apocalyptic science-fiction book. The work is called The Last Man. Like nearly all post-apocalyptic stories that came after it, The Last Man takes place in 21st century Europe and tells the story of the entire globe being wiped out by a mysterious pandemic illness, leaving only a few people behind, including the main character, Lionel Verney. Whether you want to read a classic like this or want to find new post-apocalyptic books, Freebooksy has them for free! 

Learn How to Survive With These Post Apocalyptic Books

Learn How to Survive With These Post Apocalyptic Books

The Perfect Combination of Suspense and Adventure

With so many authors writing their ideas of what life after an apocalypse looks like, it’s hard to become bored reading these adventure-heavy science-fiction novels. Many novels have a certain level of violence and suspense, as the main character or characters left on earth must navigate an unfamiliar new world. If you’re ready to dive into a new story full of twists, turns, and unexpected surprises, we can help. With Freebooksy, you can have the latest free post-apocalyptic books delivered straight to your inbox!

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Explore The Best Post-Apocalyptic Book Worlds Today

Post Apocalyptic Romance Books

Post Apocalyptic Romance Books

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