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Add These Reading Apps for Kids to Their Tablets!

How to Teach Kids to Read

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Types of Children’s Book Genres

Childhood is a pivotal time for so many things in a person’s life, and reading can help introduce new ideas, places, lessons, expand their imagination, and of course, introduce a love for reading. For all of these reasons, helping your child identify the kind of literature they enjoy reading is critical to establishing their love for reading. To help, we’ve put together a list of children’s book genres your child can explore. Then, they can search and download free ebooks for kids we know they will love.


Fiction is any story that is made up. Fiction stories can seem real, and can even be based on real events, but the story itself is made up. Subcategories within fiction include contemporary fiction which is set in the here and now, historical fiction, based on past events, and science fiction, which often takes place in the future, space, or include advanced technologies or unrealistic elements.


Non-fiction books are an excellent way for kids to learn about the world around them. They can be used for teaching STEM concepts, facts on animals, or even social studies topics. Plus, they’re often more interesting than novels because you can learn something new. There are multiple benefits of reading non-fiction kids books to your child: 1) They can be educational at the same time as being entertaining; 2) They can broaden your child’s knowledge in a subject area; 3) It’s great for developing critical thinking skills.

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Mystery books are a great way to engage your child’s mind and creativity. They make a perfect bedtime story to read aloud, or a book to help them learn how to read on their own. Story-filled with adventure and intrigue, these books will keep your child guessing until the end. It is important that you find the right mystery for your child’s age group and reading ability. There are many different types of mystery books including picture, chapter, wordless, interactive, and spy stories. If the thrill of the unknown interests your child, mystery books are a great place to start their reading adventure. Mystery books often include solving cases, catching bad guys, digging for the truth, and searching for clues.

Fairy Tales, Fables & Folktales

These three genres are typically stories either passed down from one generation to the next (fairytales and folktales) or stories with moral lessons tied in (fables). These are fantastical stories that generally have an old-world twist to them.

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Adventure and Fantasy

Embark on epic adventures, or dive into alternate universes full of magic, wonder, mythical creatures, or advanced technology with the adventure and fantasy genre. These kinds of stories will take your child out of the realm of possibility and deep into their imagination as the words of the page come to life in their minds.

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While the name of this genre can be off-putting, horror encompasses many subgenres that may entice your young reader to, well, read more often! From things that go “bump” in the night to ghostly encounters and for the young adult readers, a little murder mystery, horror books are just as exciting and enjoyable as they are chilling and thought-provoking.

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Would you like your child to read books geared toward helping them overcome certain social, emotional, or personal challenges? A self-help children’s book might be the answer. Self-help books range in topics and experiences designed to help kids of any age cope with an event or navigate their feelings.


Holidays throughout the year provide many opportunities to get kids excited about reading. From Thanksgiving and Christmas to Valentine’s Day and July 4th, kids love to read about things they are experiencing in their everyday lives.

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