Best Paranormal Books

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What are Paranormal Books About?

Paranormal fiction literature focuses on stories about the paranormal, or phenomena outside the realm of scientific understanding and the natural world. Although this genre is similar to supernatural books, paranormal books differ in a critical way. Whereas supernatural books focus on spiritual characters and experiences, paranormal books focus on fictional and mystical creatures found in folklore and fairytales, such as ghosts, aliens, vampires, witches, and fairies. Paranormal books may include elements of the supernatural but hone in on majestic fantasy over the supernatural. 

What are Paranormal Book Sub-Genres?

You can find a large selection of paranormal books in a variety of sub-genres, including paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, and paranormal mystery and thrillers. 

Paranormal Romance

One of the more increasingly popular paranormal book sub-genres is paranormal romance. In paranormal romance novels, the settings and stories focus on a science fiction-based plot with a romantic sub-plot. That means these books still include the action, suspense, and even horror of a traditional paranormal book, but they also feature a lot of romance. Paranormal romance books often focus on a high-school-aged main character, making these books popular among young adults. A great example of this is the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Although the book series was challenged and on the banned books list since 2010, the movie adaptations are widely popular.

Fun Facts About Paranormal Books

While paranormal books are fiction literature, there are some books with stories based on actual events. For example, multiple paranormal books feature stories and experiences from real haunted houses. This is true in the book The Uninvited by Seven. A LaChance and in The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson, which is also a movie. Because ghosts and demons are familiar characters in paranormal books, these true tales of haunted houses fall into the genre. 

The Best Paranormal Books for the Bravest Readers

If you have trouble sleeping at night after watching a scary movie, you may want to shy away from reading paranormal books before bed. While not all paranormal stories are fear-based, they do all include an element of suspense and surprise, keeping readers engaged throughout the entire story. You can find the best paranormal books for free by signing up for Freebooksy’s online ebooks. Freebooksy is also on social media! Follow Freebooksy and connect with other readers for #freebooks, #bookrecommendations, and to share your latest read with the #freebooksy community!