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Get Started with These Famous Literary Fiction Books Book Covers

Get Started With These Famous Literary Fiction Books

If you’re looking for a well-written fictional story with a plot not out of the realm of possibility, literary fiction may be the genre for you. When you sign up with Freebooksy’s daily book recommendations, you’ll enjoy a personalized list of the newest literary fiction books by indie authors available for digital download every morning. All you have to do is choose the literary fiction books that pique your interest, download, and dive into a new storyline. It’s that simple!

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Expand Your Mind & Learn the Benefits of Reading Literary Fiction Book Covers

Expand Your Mind & Learn the Benefits of Reading Literary Fiction

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What Are Literary Fiction Books About?

Unlike genre fiction (AKA popular fiction) which follows a specific writing formula and genre guidelines, literary fiction books use creative storytelling to emphasize the character’s struggles and journey. A great literary fiction book has an intriguing plot that comes second to the characters changing circumstances, feelings, perspectives, growth, or decline. Although there are no real literary fiction book genres, literary fiction books feature storylines filled with social commentary, political criticism, or struggles of a past era, social or psychological conversations, and more.

Rather than a “happily ever after” or satisfying ending, literary fiction books are more likely to be ambiguous, with a shocking, sad, harrowing, or unresolved ending. Literary fiction books may push the limits or boundaries more than other genres will. Award-winning literary fiction books you may be familiar with include 1984, The Great Gatsby, The Hand Maid’s Tale, Jane Eyre, and The Catcher in the Rye.


The Best Recent Literary Fiction Books to Add to Your List Book Covers

The Best Recent Literary Fiction Books

Freebooksy features thousands of free literary fiction books for your browsing pleasure. Unlike genre-specific books, literary fiction books will take you from one adventure into a completely new world, conflict, emotional state, and ending as you explore different titles. With literary fiction books, you can see life through dozens, if not hundreds of different perspectives, from medical experts, hostages, military members, politicians, average citizens, children, and more. Where will your literary book adventures take you?

Get Started with the 10 Best Literary Fiction Books - Book Covers

Get Started With The 10 Best Literary Fiction Books


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