Get Lost in Your Next Historical Fiction Series

Discover your next favorite historical fiction series below.

If you’re looking for a new historical fiction book series that will make you fall in love, you’re in luck. All the these historical fiction series are free to start because the first book in the series is FREE. Browse these best historical fiction series and find your next series set in the past!
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Flowers of Eden Historical Fiction Series

The Sweetest Rain (Flowers of Eden Book 1) by Myra Johnson: In this faith-centered romance set during the drought of 1930, Bryony Linwood fights for survival on her grandfather’s struggling tenant farm. Hired as a ...
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Blood Brothers Historical Romance Series

Blood Brothers (Book 1) by Ronald Pressley & Nancy Holder: The authors have written an engrossing tale. Characters are well developed. The blend of historic events into the plot makes it real. The reader is ...
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The Black Douglas Historical Fiction Series

A Kingdom's Cost (The Black Douglas Trilogy Book 1) by J. R. Tomlin: Dive into a world of battle, intrigue, and danger in this gripping military adventure set in 14th-century Scotland! Young James, Lord of ...
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Tales from Biders Clump Historical Fiction Series

Christmas Kringle (Tales from Biders Clump Book 1) by Danni Roan: A tomboy at heart Sarah revels in the chance to climb a tree for Christmas but a miss step lands her in more than ...
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Treachery And Triumph Historical Fiction Series

H.M.S Valor (Treachery And Triumph Book 1) by Cal Clement: Britain is at war with Napoleon; amid this chaos, a shadowy network acts against the common good. Lives hang in the balance while a young ...
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