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Discover your next favorite historical fiction series below.

If you’re looking for a new historical fiction book series that will make you fall in love, you’re in luck. All the these historical fiction series are free to start because the first book in the series is FREE. Browse these best historical fiction series and find your next series set in the past!
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The Parthian Chronicles Historical Fiction Series

The Parthian (The Parthian Chronicles Book 1) by Peter Darman: This is the first volume in the Parthian Chronicles series, the saga of Prince Pacorus who is captured by the Romans and taken to Italy ...
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Quintus Valerius Mysteries Historical Fiction Series

The Governor's Man (Quintus Valerius Mysteries Book 1) by Jacquie Rogers: ‘Vivid prose, gripping mystery and a constant sense of adventure: this Roman Britain is richly textured and immediately alive.' --Robert Wilton This book is ...
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Kalie’s Journey Historical Fiction Series

Daughter of the Goddess Lands (Kalie's Journey Book 1) by Sandra Saidak: At the dawn of civilization, one woman discovers that a quest for vengeance can become a journey of healing and redemption. Captured by ...
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Tom Musgrave Historical Fiction Series

The Point of Death (Tom Musgrave Series Book 1) by Peter Tonkin: London, 1594. Tom Musgrove, is hired by theatre owners to solve a murder case as quickly and quietly as possible. As Tom plunges ...
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The Lion’s Den Series Historical Fiction Series

The Lion's Den (The Lion's Den Series Book 1) by Eoin Dempsey: It is 1932. Seamus Ritter, still mourning the death of his wife, receives a job offer from his uncle in Berlin. He and ...
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