Get Lost in Your Next Historical Fiction Series

Discover your next favorite historical fiction series below.

If you’re looking for a new historical fiction book series that will make you fall in love, you’re in luck. All the these historical fiction series are free to start because the first book in the series is FREE. Browse these best historical fiction series and find your next series set in the past!
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Shades of Gray Civil War Historical Fiction Series

Duty Bound (Shades of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy Book 1) by Jessica James: There’s a fine line between friends and enemies. Can two headstrong foes on opposite sides of the Civil War overcome their ...
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The House of Baric Historical Fiction Series

Shields Down (The House of Baric Trilogy Book 1) by Jillian Bald: The dreaded day has finally come. Mauritius Baric’s father is dead, his only brother is gone, and Mauro is now the master of ...
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Tales of Flynn and Reilly Historical Fiction Series

The Blight and the Blarney (Tales of Flynn and Reilly Book 1) by Rosemary J. Kind: Whatever it takes to stop your family from starving. Ireland has suffered from potato blight since 1845. Friends and ...
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Blood Brothers Historical Fiction Series

A Family Divided (Blood Brothers Book 1) by Ronald Pressley & Nancy Holder: The authors have written an engrossing tale. Characters are well developed. The blend of historic events into the plot makes it real ...
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Women Spies in WWII Historical Fiction Series

The Spark of Resistance (Women Spies in WWII Book 1) by Kit Sergeant: As the free world crumbles beneath Hitler’s jackboot, the French Resistance is depending on these women to change the course of history ...
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