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Discover your next favorite historical fiction series below.

If you’re looking for a new historical fiction book series that will make you fall in love, you’re in luck. All the these historical fiction series are free to start because the first book in the series is FREE. Browse these best historical fiction series and find your next series set in the past!
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Vialegio Historical Fiction Series

The Dacian Enigma (Vialegio Book 1) by Charles Edward Williams: The Dacian King deceives and provokes Rome reaping terrible consequences. Emperor Trajan ruthlessly subjugates Dacia, and seizes vast hidden treasures and thousands of slaves. A ...
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The Sir Blandford Candy Adventure Historical Fiction Series

The Last Roundhead (The Sir Blandford Candy Adventure Series Book 1) by Jemahl Evans: “The research is impeccable and the writing full of verve.” Antonia Senior, The Times. 1642. England has been plunged into a ...
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Historical Heroes Historical Fiction Series

Fight or Die: A Short Story Collection (Historical Heroes Book 1) by Richard Foreman: 'The coming man of historical fiction.' Saul David. Fight or Die is a specially curated collection of the bestselling historical novelist's ...
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Dick Turpin Historical Fiction Series

Turpin's Assassin (Dick Turpin Book 1) by Richard Foreman: The highwayman Dick Turpin is now as famous as he is infamous. His next ride could be his last. Turpin negotiates his way through the criminal ...
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Johnny Swift Historical Fiction Series

The Assassins (Johnny Swift Thrillers Book 1) by Alan Bardos: 1914. Europe. Johnny Swift, a young and brash diplomatic clerk employed by the British embassy is sent to infiltrate a group of conspirators. However, Swift ...
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