Best Time Travel Books

Whether you want to go back in time, leap into the future, or do both in one story, we help you find the best time travel novels. What’s great about time travel books is that they come in various sub-genres, including romance, mystery, history, science-fiction, and more! If you love these fiction stories, browse our selection of free online time travel books today!

What Makes a Good Time Travel Story?

While what makes a good time travel story may be subjective in some ways, there are a few critical elements to a good book. There needs to be a mode of time travel and rules, including whether the characters can travel to the past, future, or both. Additionally, a good story has a likable protagonist who relies on time travel for a greater purpose, such as meeting a missed connection or saving a family member from a harsh reality. Of course, there needs to be conflict and challenges because let’s face it, time travel never goes smoothly all the time! Whether you like time travel books that take place in the past or future, you can find a new book that piques your interest.

What are the Types of Travel Story Timelines?

The three types of timelines you’ll find in time travel books are fixed, dynamic, and multiverse.

Fixed Time Travel Books

In a fixed story timeline, history is unchangeable, no matter how hard the main character might try to adjust it. 

Dynamic Time Travel Books

In a dynamic story timeline, history can change, but even the slightest adjustments can have enormous consequences in the present. In a time travel book with a dynamic timeline, the main character may face obstacles, such as a change in history resulting in them never being born! 

Multiverse Time Travel Books

In a multiverse story timeline, there are multiple universes, so changing something in one is fine because it doesn’t change anything in another. Many of the best time travel books explore these three timelines to keep stories exciting and unpredictable. 

Fun Facts About Time Travel Books

Although time travel books do a great job of bringing stories of time travel to life, according to NASA, hopping into a machine to travel in time is impossible and just something to explore in books and movies. However, there are interesting ways to explore types of time travel on earth. For example, when you use a telescope to view stars and galaxies, you see what they look like in the past because it takes a long time for light to reach earth. So, technically, you’re looking into the past when viewing the night sky. 

Escape to the Past or Future with Time Travel Books

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