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Are you an author or a publisher? Freebooksy has multiple ways to help you sell more books.
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Have a free book?

If your book is permafree or you have a KDP Select promotion coming up, the Freebooksy Feature gets your book in front of thousands of voracious readers, the surest way to boost downloads.

Your book must be free in order to qualify for a Freebooksy Feature.

Schedule a Promo Stack

One of the most effective ways to build your book’s rank on retailer sites is to run a promo stack. We’ve made it easy by putting together a group of the best promo stacks across various genres and price points. Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling multiple promotions separately. With our bundles, you’ll save time, simplify your workflow, and eliminate unnecessary steps.

Books $4.99 or less

Don’t want to make your book free? The Bargain Booksy Feature gets your book in front of our audience who loves to buy books in your genre, the best way to boost sales.

Your book must be priced between $0.99 and $5.00 in order to qualify for a Bargain Booksy Feature.

Buy a series promotion

The Series Feature sparks free downloads of your first book in the series and drives sales of other books in your series. It’s the perfect combination to get your series exposure and find new, dedicated readers!

Buy a Deal of the Day slot

The deal of the day gets your book in front of the Freebooksy audience AND the Bargain Booksy audience. Reach over 150,000 voracious readers with placement in the Freebooksy email, Bargain Booksy email, and on the Bargain Booksy blog!

Get featured on Readers’ List

Reach thousands of readers with our monthly themed Readers’ List listicle. Your book is featured alongside select titles in a themed, search-optimized listicle on our site. Your book reaches readers beyond your primary genre, and garners traffic and attention all month long. There’s a new Readers’ List listicle each month for Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, and Red Feather Romance. Click below to learn more and reserve your spot.

Let us handle your Amazon or Facebook ads

Reader Reach™ helps you find a new audience for your book through ads on Facebook or Amazon. We do all the heavy lifting for you. From ad creative and copy to audience targeting and bidding, we have you covered so you don’t miss out on a single opportunity for your book.

Grow your author newsletter list

Subscriber Surge Giveaways are a cost-effective way for you to grow your email list so you can reach qualified readers and sell more books. Readers flock to enter our Giveaways which boosts your book’s exposure and connects you with a qualified audience who love books just like yours.

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