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The Alien Chronicles Science Fiction Series

My Alien (The Alien Chronicles Book 1) by Robin Martin: Human girl. Alien entity. Disaster. Zoe Brennan has everything sorted until one disastrous day at the beach when she encounters Rion, an extremely annoying alien ...
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Far Out Chronicles Science Fiction Series

The Joint of No Return (Far Out Chronicles Book 1) by Tom Sadira: "Star Trek meets Cheech & Chong" in this epic space saga! Bumbling stoner, Charlie Hong, is on the run from both sides ...
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Green Fields Science Fiction Series

Incubation (Green Fields Book 1) by Adrienne Lecter: If the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow - how would you spend your last day? An epidemic is ravaging the world. Terrorists take over a biotech company. A ...
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Crystal Science Fiction Series

Crystal Deception (Crystal Series Book 1) by Doug J. Cooper: The Crystal Series is four full-length books of action and suspense where the emergence of self-aware AI and alien first contact occur at the same ...
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The Laboratory Science Fiction Series

The Laboratory: A Futuristic Dungeon Core by Skyler Grant: Emma is an artificial-intelligence obsessed with science, cookies, and science involving cooking in a post-apocalyptic world gone mad. When rebooted from a long sleep she doesn't ...
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