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Beyond the Impossible Science Fiction Series

The Simmering Seas (Beyond the Impossible Book 1) by Frank Kennedy: Born of the elite on Hokkaido, where arable land is disappearing, Kara Syung risks exposing a secret that may destroy her family and throw ...
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Felidian Warriors Science Fiction Series

New Dawn (Felidian Warriors Book 1) by M.L. Cook: Brooke Carter was shocked when she stepped out her door and discovered the world had gone to hell. Then the worst thing that could happen, did ...
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The Phoenix Curse Science Fiction Series

After (The Phoenix Curse Book 1) by Debra Rose: The world is no longer safe, no longer thriving. It has been inherited by the diseased. The red mist spread and humanity was infected. There was ...
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The Inner Solar War Science Fiction Series

Cold Solar (The Inner Solar War Book 1) by Anthony C. Robinson: A corrupt corporation seizes authority over the world governments in the near future. Corporate leaders thrust the world into war with their oppressed ...
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Life Goes On Science Fiction Series

Outback Outbreak: Surviving the Evacuation (Life Goes On Book 1) by Frank Tayell: Having stopped the apocalypse once, Corrie Guinn hoped to never have to do it again. Hiding in The Australian outback, she hoped ...
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