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The Love Science Fiction Series

Love's Transformation (The Love Series Book 1) by Emil Toth: Teenager Batu fearlessly speaks out against injustice in a post-apocalyptic male-dominated society. The Love Series delves into love’s transformational abilities, its involvement with courage, its ...
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2050 Science Fiction Series

Psycho Island (2050 Book 1) by Phil M. Williams: Disagree with the government? They might send you to Psycho Island. In 2050, people struggle for their piece of a shrinking pie. The American dream is ...
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Battlegroup Z Science Fiction Series

Weapons Free (Battlegroup Z Book 1) by Daniel Gibbs: After thirty-five years of peace, one vicious attack destroys it all. An unexpected enemy emerges with an overwhelming force designed to obliterate the Terran Coalition. Reservist ...
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Renegade Space Salvagers Science Fiction Series

Last Salvager Standing (Renegade Space Salvagers Book 1) by Kevin Michael McGriffith: In the aftermath of an intergalactic civil war, rival salvage crews extract power cores from wrecked spaceships on the fringes of the universe ...
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The Apollo Stone Science Fiction Series

The Navigator (The Apollo Stone Series Book 1) by P.M. Johnson: A century has passed since meteors laid waste to Earth and new nations have arisen. In N. America, the Grand Guardian of the People’s ...
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