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Dark Matters Trilogy Science Fiction Series

Dark Matters (Dark Matters Trilogy Book 1) by Michael Dow: Take an epic journey to a not-so-distant future, where wealth, science, and the human spirit get one last chance to determine humanity’s ultimate end game ...
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Children of Earthrise Science Fiction Series

The Heirs of Earth (Children of Earthrise Book 1) by Daniel Arenson: "We hide in shadows. Our planet is lost. We are the last humans, and we must go home." Children of Earthrise is a ...
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The Flyght Science Fiction Series

First Flyght (The Flyght Series Book 1) by S. J. Pajonas: Her future is brighter than the stars. But one betrayal will change everything... First Flyght is the first book in the Flyght Series of ...
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Wanderer’s Odyssey Science Fiction Series

Wanderer's Escape (Wanderer's Odyssey Book 1) by Simon Goodson: The Empire will kill him for stealing this ship… but they have to catch it first! When Jess sat in the pilot’s chair the ancient ship ...
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John Tesh Science Fiction Series

Socrates and the Councillor: A John Tesh Novel (Science Fiction Detective Trilogy Book 1) by Thomas Fay: A powerful corporation, a sovereign city-state, and a mysterious new partner. It's all in a day's work for ...
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