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Sovereigns of the Collapse Science Fiction Series

Death by Decent Society (Sovereigns of the Collapse Book 1) by Malcolm J. Wardlaw: This is the future we should have seen coming. A world without governments, without nations, without any law above the whims ...
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The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Science Fiction Series

The Journey (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 1) by E. A. Bagby: Ringworld meets Orpheus in this award-winning epic, literary SFF serial. Episodes 1-3 (of 6) are available now. Giels' respectable life ...
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The Heartless Science Fiction Series

Gravity Is Heartless (The Heartless Series Book 1) by Sarah Lahey: Gravity Is Heartless won the American Fiction Award and the Independent Publisher's Award for Science Fiction. Kirkus Reviews called it, "thoroughly engrossing. An engaging ...
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Shopocalypse Saga Science Fiction Series

BuyMort: Grand Opening (Shopocalypse Saga Book 1) by Damien Hanson: BuyMort. The Monopoly of the Multiverse. It will sell you anything you want. It will buy anything you can give it. And at the end ...
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Nowhere Science Fiction Series

Edge of Nowhere (Nowhere Book 1) by Felicia Davin: A cynical young smuggler is hired to transport an unconscious man to a secret location in space, but they get stranded and must rely on each ...
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