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Saving Mars Science Fiction Series

Saving Mars (Saving Mars Series Book 1) by Cidney Swanson: With the Mars Colony’s destruction in the balance, a young Mars pilot joins the nephew of Earth’s vicious chancellor to save her world or die ...
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The Inner Solar War Science Fiction Series

Cold Solar (The Inner Solar War Book 1) by Anthony Robinson: A corrupt corporation seizes authority over the world governments in the near future. Corporate leaders thrust the world into war with their oppressed colonies ...
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Foothold Science Fiction Series

The Story of Mankind's First Expedition to the Stars (Foothold Book 1) by Dennis Ingram: Humanity’s first starship sets off on a voyage to Tau Ceti with an international crew of eight and the best ...
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Metal and Men Science Fiction Series

Justice in an Age of Metal and Men (Metal and Men Book 1) by Anthony W. Eichenlaub: Some mysteries all the tech in Texas can’t solve. Things aren’t always easy for the Sheriff of Dead ...
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COVID Aftermath Science Fiction Series

Game of Blood (COVID Aftermath Book 1) by David Pan: Will you survive? COVID Aftermath is a science fiction thriller series exploring humanity's future, as the characters face a harsh pandemic world in which cultural ...
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