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Renascence Alliance Science Fiction Series

Married to the Alien Admiral (Renascence Alliance Series Book 1) by Alma Nilsson: Humans are the most adorable creatures in the galaxy. Is it a surprise then when the Alliance Empire turns its powerful gaze ...
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The Predator Space Chronicles Science Fiction Series

Well of Furies (Predator Space Chronicles 1) by Craig DeLancey: The Philadelphia Free Press writes that the Predator Space Chronicles are "impossible to put down and filled with exciting action in an alien-filled galaxy that ...
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The Andy Science Fiction Series

Andy: A Sexy Robot Story (The Andy Series Book 1) by Dirk Walvoord: Is the world ready for the perfect man, and what if that man is not a man at all, but a machine ...
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Percipience Science Fiction Series

2022 (Percipience Book 1) by Ken Kroes: A philanthropist foresees a dark future for the human race. A future that is exacerbated by the return of cold-war-like tensions, sophisticated terrorist organizations, and new controls on ...
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Star Marshals Science Fiction Series

Star Marshals: Moons of Jupiter by Dave Lemel: A benevolent species of alien known as Bopecans have made first contact with Earth. They have helped the human race establish an agency to police the solar ...
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