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Extinction Protocol Science Fiction Series

Rogue (Extinction Protocol Book 1) by Marc Landau: They rule with a cold-steel heart and an iron fist. Harkly Colson lives off the grid after the war with the machines cost him his family. He ...
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The Black Ships Science Fiction Series

The Black Ships (The Black Ships Book 1) by A.G. Claymore: We're finally exploring space. What we found made us wish we hadn't... We finally started a Mars-colony but we've found hostile aliens, building up ...
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Across Horizons Science Fiction Series

Obsolete Theorem (Across Horizons Book 1) by Stan C. Smith: It wasn’t possible, but then it happened. Positioned beside a Neanderthal’s ancient remains is something that shouldn’t be there—a robotic drone. Lincoln Woodhouse jumps back ...
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Blood War Science Fiction Series

Last Stand of the Legion: Rift (Blood War Book 1) by Rod Carstens: He was going on one last, easy mission. Until the whole of humanity needed saving. Lieutenant Dasan Sand is about to get ...
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The Prime Fantasy Series

Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime (The Prime Book 1) by Christopher Vale: When Brygida is forced into a Nazi genetics program she successfully gives birth to enhanced superhumans. Twenty years after the Second World War ...
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