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CyberStorm Science Fiction Series

CyberStorm: A Novel by Matthew Mather: Translated in twenty three countries, CyberStorm by Matthew Mather - FREE TO DOWNLOAD TODAY - is a worldwide bestseller, a new apocalyptic disaster classic that will appeal to fans ...
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Undead Worlds Science Fiction Series

Undead Worlds: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Anthology by The Reanimated Writers: The book that started it all is free for four days! Featuring stories by today's best zombie fiction authors. Filled with glimpses into their uncanny ...
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Lycan Fallout Science Fiction Series

Lycan Fallout by Mark Tufo: The world of man was brought to its knees with the zombie apocalypse. A hundred and fifty years have passed since man has clawed and climbed his way from the ...
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Wildfire Saga Science Fiction Series

Apache Dawn (Wildfire Saga Book 1) by Marcus Richardson: Ten years after the worst pandemic in human history, people are falling sick in the western United States with symptoms frighteningly similar to the dreaded Blue ...
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Cold Solar, Dystopia, Action, Thriller Science Fiction Series

Cold Solar - A Dark and Gritty Sci-Fi Action Thriller (Cold Solar, Dystopia, Action, Thriller Book 1) by Anthony Robinson: A corrupt corporation seizes authority over the world governments in the near future. Corporate leaders ...
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