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The Great Blue Above Science Fiction Series

The City Below (The Great Blue Above Book 1) by Kevin George: Humanity's final habitat lies far beneath the planet's snowy surface. The City Below has been ruled by the evil Jonas family of section ...
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Princes’ Game Science Fiction Series

Even the Wingless (Princes' Game Book 1) by M.C.A. Hogarth: Mind games. Interstellar politics. An indomitable hero...and the shape-shifting dragons he makes into his lovers. It's an affair that will reshape galactic politics and spawn ...
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The Guardians of Time Science Fiction Series

Minutemen (The Guardians of Time Book 1) by David Danforth: In the year 2075, Kaylan Smith is given the offer of a lifetime: lead a group of time travelers to try and stop a madman ...
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What’s Left of My World Science Fiction Series

What's Left of My World (Book 1) by C.A. Rudolph: Ever since Lauren was little, her father had taught her to survive outdoors and how to protect herself and others using firearms and situational awareness ...
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Spinward Fringe Broadcast Science Fiction Series

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins: A Collected Trilogy by Randolph Lalonde: An exciting saga in the future that begins in hope as Jonas, Ayan, Minh-Chu and their friends set out on a mission to make ...
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