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United Earth Science Fiction Series

Rough Beginnings (United Earth Book 1) by R.M. Almonte: The series starts in Newark New Jersey with a young boy named Stevie. With the death of his mother and his father becoming a junky. Stevie ...
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Bubbles in Space Science Fiction Series

Tropical Punch (Bubbles in Space Book 1) by S.C. Jensen: Blade Runner meets The Fifth Element in this eccentric cyber-noir thriller series about a bleak world ravaged by corrupt leaders, mega-corporations, and crime lords… and ...
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Not Alone Science Fiction Series

Not Alone (Not Alone Book 1) by Craig A. Falconer: Aliens exist, the government knows, and Dan McCarthy just found the proof. For his whole life, Dan has searched for a reason to believe. Now ...
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Darkspace Renegade Science Fiction Series

Darkspace Renegade (Darkspace Renegade Book 1) by G J Ogden: The interstellar bridges provide a lifeline for billions. To save humanity the Darkspace Renegades must tear them all down. Unjustly kicked out of the Consortium ...
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Z-Factor Science Fiction Series

How I Started the Zombie Apocalypse: The Confession of Dr. David Kohlberg (Z-Factor Book 1) by Michael K. Clancy: Dr. David Kohlberg hands the Russians his top-secret research but withholds crucial information with catastrophic consequences ...
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