Best Romance Books

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Discover Your Next Favorite Romance Books Subgenre

Whether you are new to the romance genre or you would simply like to test the waters with free online romance books of different genres, we’ve put together a descriptive list of romance subgenres to help you find the best romance books for your taste.

Romantic Suspense

Falling in love while sitting on the edge of your seat is what romantic suspense books are all about! Whether it’s a mystery or thriller-based romance, you can expect to submerge yourself in a serious, realistic, fast-paced, or crime-riddled love story you’ll love to watch from the sidelines with our selection of romantic suspense novels.

Contemporary Romance

If your literary time travel machine prefers a more “modern” kind of romance, our selection of sweet and steamy contemporary romance books may just be the page-turners you are looking for. Set in the 1950s to the present day, contemporary romance literature focuses on the emotional development of a relationship strung together by realistic scenarios and outcomes. At Freebooksy, you will find two subgenres of contemporary romance, sweet and steamy.

Paranormal Romance

Commonly referred to as science fiction or fantasy romance, paranormal romance books are the best romance books for imaginative minds, submerging you in fantastical romantic relationships of modern-day humans and supernatural entities, including (but not limited to) ghosts, angels, demons, witches, vampires, and werewolves.

Historical Romance

Join the author on a journey through the trial and tribulations of love throughout time, space, and history with historical romance novels. In this genre, you’ll have the opportunity to travel back to all different time periods and immerse yourself in the love stories that move you and leave you begging for more.

Erotic Romance

Widely known as the most explicit genre of romance, erotic romance focuses heavily on sexual interactions that move the plot along. Erotic romance can transcend other romance genres, giving readers both unique and creative storylines and intriguing characters whose actions and personalities keep you turning the page.

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