9 Mafia Romance Books That Will Steal Your Heart

Mafia romance books are a great way to get to know the dark and gritty world of organized crime. They show us the stories of strong, powerful men and their dangerous but devoted partners. From Mafia boss husbands to dangerous relationships to second chances at love, these nine Mafia romance books will have you hooked from page one!

What is a Mafia Romance Book?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been captivated by a Mafia-themed book or TV series. The criminal underworld and its sultry secrets can be tantalizing and complex. It’s no wonder that the Mafia has become a popular subject for books and movies. Mafia romances typically have characters either in the Mafia or they’re closely related to one, and the books contain multiple scenes with crime. These exhilarating themes Make mafia romances some of the most exciting romances to read!

Mafia Romance Book - Vicious by Vi Carter

1. Vicious (Wild Irish Book 1)

by Vi Carter

Involved in a life of crime, Shane can’t afford to let Una in his life. She’s the only person that he has ever cared about and she has been partying with the unpredictable Darragh. Now, Shane can’t afford to stay away from Una even though his family is deep in the criminal underworld. He doesn’t want Una to see who he really is, forcing him to figure out if he can let her go.

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Mafia Romance Book - Mafia Captive by Julia Sykes

2. Mafia Captive (Arranged Marriage Book 1)

by Julia Sykes

Life is anything other than ordinary and seems too good to be true for Ashlyn when Joseph storms in. But things take a turn when Ashlyn gets drugged and kidnapped. When she learns that the man who was supposed to keep her safe is the son of a mafia boss, Joseph and his friend Marco refuse to let Ashlyn go in order to keep her safe. Will staying close keep Ashlyn and her heart safe?

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Mafia Romance Book - Prey by Kaye Blue

3. Prey (Irish Mob Chronicles Book 1)

by Kaye Blue

Nya never should have neither spoken to someone like Patrick Murphy nor spent the most passionate night of her life with him in a hotel room. After ending up on the wrong side of a gun, Patrick decides to keep Nya close. The attraction grows and becomes undeniable, and all Nya can do is hope that the man who has stolen her heart will be able to protect them both.

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Mafia Romance Book - Salvatore by Natasha Knight

4. Salvatore (Benedetti Brothers Book 1)

by Natasha Knight

Five years ago, their families watched as Lucia DeMarco and Salvatore Benedetti signed a contract that gave her to him. Lucia couldn’t have been prepared to be with the man who now rules her life. Salvatore’s duty is to break Lucia down and make her life hell. But things are hardly ever black or white, and Lucia finds herself seeing light in Salvatore’s darkness. The Benedetti family has always won, until Lucia.

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Mafia Romance Book - Cruel Saints by Michelle Heard

5. Cruel Saints (The Saints Series)

by Michelle Heard

When Lucian Cortoni’s father is assassinated, Lucian takes his place as the head of the Cortoni family. Elena’s family catches Lucian’s attention and her father arranges a marriage between the two when a new threat emerges, causing the families to join together. Although handsome, Lucian is not the kind of man Elena would ever love. The only question is, what will their marriage be consummated over: love or blood?

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Mafia Romance Book - Vicious Protector by Maggie Cole

6. Vicious Protector (Mafia Wars Book 4)

by Maggie Cole

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Mafia Romance Book - Quiet Wealth by J.L. Drake

7. Quiet Wealth (Quiet Mafia Book 1)

by J. L. Drake

It has been ten years since Elio was forced to leave Sienna. His family’s code of family, power, loyalty, and protection meant that he was with Sienna one moment and gone the next. Now that he has returned and is surrounded by bloodshed, Elio and Sienna have a second chance at love. And Elio will make sure that everyone knows not to touch his queen.

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Mafia Romance Book - Forbidden to Love by Siobhan Davis

8. Forbidden to Love (Mazzone Mafia Book 2)

by Siobhan Davis

The daughter of a powerful mafia dons in New York, Natalia Mazzaone grew up knowing it was her duty to be promised to a made man. When the man she’s promised to turns out to be a monster, she turns to her brother’s best friend, Leonardo Messina. A forbidden night changes everything and Leo risks everything for someone who can never be his. Years later when Leo is the underboss, Natalia comes back into his life and is unable to resist.

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Mafia Romance Book - The Mafia's Secret by Kimberly Montpetit

9. The Mafia’s Secret (A Secret Billionaire Romance Book 3)

by Kimberly Montpetit

Anna Hamilton will always be able to remember this summer, as long as she and her heart can survive the truth. After bumping into Heartland Cove’s handsome new resident, Anna believes that their new relationship is meant to be. When Heartland Cove catches the attention of Anna’s old college roommate, Elise, it seems like the perfect place for Elise and her fiance to lay low and get out of the family Mafia business. But when an old face returns to the cove, will Anna’s heart choose a love before the Mafia shows up?

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