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What are Erotica Books Like?

If you’re new to the romance genre, you may think that erotica books are the same as erotic romance. Contrary to popular belief, romance, erotic romance, and erotica books differ in characters, storylines, and explicit content.

Here are the main differences between romance, erotic romance, and erotica to help you decide which genre is right for you.

The Difference Between Romance, Erotic Romance & Erotica

Romance books vary in romantic and sexual content, including everything from a couple’s inspirational romantic relationship to increasing sexual tension and intimacy. At the heart of the storyline, the couple’s relationship develops and eventually ends in “happily ever after.”

Like romance books, erotic romance books focus on a couple’s relationship with more explicit descriptions of sexual encounters with a “happily ever after” ending.

Erotica books boast a similar language to erotic romance books but without the need for a “happily ever after” ending or one dedicated partner. Erotica storylines can host one or several sexual partners, and sexual encounters tend to be more casual. These sexual encounters often help the main character explore, change, or understand themselves. Erotica sub-genres include LGBTQ fiction, inter-racial, exhibitionism, BDSM, medical, paranormal, western, menage, and more.

Plunge Your Teeth Into Erotic Vampire Books Featured Image

Plunge Your Teeth Into Erotic Vampire Books

Why Read Erotica Books?

There are plenty of reasons for age-appropriate readers to give erotica books a chance. But did you know that reading erotica books can come with some mental health benefits like stress reduction, enhanced positive feelings or feelings of empathy, and arousal?

Whether it’s the temporary escape from reality or the subconscious phenomenon of “misattribution of arousal” taking place, reading erotica books could just be the stress-relieving activity you need after a long, hard day.

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Get Spooked Into Love with Paranormal Erotic Romance Books

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The Hottest Erotica Books We Can’t Put Down

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