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The Elemental Witch Fantasy Series

The Trouble With Magic (The Elemental Witch Series Book 1) by Tania Hutley and Trudi Jaye: My magic is so dangerous, I’ve been banned from ever using it. I’m living on the edge of witch ...
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The Veil Fantasy Series

Beyond The Veil: A Muse Urban Fantasy (The Veil Series Book 1) by Pippa DaCosta: A sexy Prince of Hell, a snarky deadly assassin; half-demon "Muse" is on the run from both. But who is ...
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India Bones Fantasy Series

India Bones and the Ship of the Dead by Set Sytes: A coming of age pirate fantasy series for all ages - set in a fantastical Caribbean world. A lad from Mexico Island explores tropical ...
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Rogues Shifter Fantasy Series

Rebirth (Rogues Shifter Series Book 1) by Gayle Parness: My senses are sharp, my body is sleek, my speed is turbo powered. Shifter. I’m a shifter. A creature I didn’t know existed until a few ...
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Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter Fantasy Series

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford: Aurora Sky's rare blood type sealed her fate as a vampire hunter in Alaska. Aurora finds herself stuck with an overzealous partner, a group of misfit suck junkies, ...
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