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Egg and the Hameggattic Sisterhood Fantasy Series

Egg (Egg and the Hameggattic Sisterhood Box Set #1, Part 1) by Robert Iannone: Reluctant Heroine meets Creepy Villain. He’s got unlimited power, but she has her wits, her luck and her sisters. Game on ...
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The Ghosts Fantasy Series

Child of the Ghosts (Book 1) by Jonathan Moeller: Game of Thrones meets Throne of Glass in this epic fantasy! Follow the adventures of spy and assassin Caina Amalas as she sets out to defeat ...
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Middengard Sagas Fantasy Series

Stone Keeper (Middengard Sagas Book 1) by June Wilson: "The day Alice met the twins, her life changed forever." Love a good portal fantasy? Then Stone Keeper is perfect for you. The first in a ...
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The Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps Fantasy Series

P'yxx (The Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps Book 1) by Robert Iannone: Four friends with an entire universe to explore. There's chaos and catastrophe everywhere. But our girls have some unique abilities and they are ...
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The Coven Fantasy Series

Nightmares (The Coven Series Book 1) by Erica Stevens: When Avery is informed that she's a member of a coven of witches, she doesn't believe it at first. A turn of events leads her to ...
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