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The Starlight Chronicles Fantasy Series

Slumbering (The Starlight Chronicles Book 1) by C. S. Johnson: Sixteen-year-old Hamilton Dinger does not believe in good and evil. But when a meteor crashes into his city, unleashing the Seven Deadly Sinisters and their ...
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The Gryphonpike Chronicles Fantasy Series

Witch Hunt (The Gryphonpike Chronicles Book 1) by Annie Bellet: Cursed to be silent and exiled from her home, an Elemental Elf princess must complete 1001 good deeds to break her curse and return home ...
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Cloak Games Fantasy Series

Thief Trap (Cloak Games Book 1) by Jonathan Moeller: Shadowrun meets the Dresden Files in this urban fantasy! Follow the adventures of wizard-thief Nadia Moran as she tries to stay alive and buy the cure for ...
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Once Upon A Princess Fantasy Series

Beauty's Curse (Once Upon A Princess Book 1) by C. S. Johnson: In this historical fantasy retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora -- Rose to her friends -- has learned of her curse at an ...
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The Bones of the Earth Fantasy Series

The Bones of the Earth by Scott Hale: Is it wrong to kill a human… when you’re not human yourself? Set in a post-apocalyptic world of madness, mayhem, and mutation, The Bones of the Earth ...
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