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The Road to Hell Fantasy Series

Good Intentions (The Road to Hell Series Book 1) by Brenda K. Davies: River: Alone, with humans and demons eager to see what I can do, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the one man ...
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Extreme Medical Services Fantasy Series

Extreme Medical Services: Medical Care On The Fringes Of Humanity by Jamie Davis: Dean Flynn becomes a paramedic for creatures of myth and legend — from vampires and werewolves to witches and fairies! Will he have ...
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Enora Online Fantasy Series

Gemini's Crossing: A Fantasy LitRPG (Enora Online Book 1) by Arlo Adams: When an unexpected visitor presents terminally ill Gemini Fowler the chance to live in a game world, it seems a match made in ...
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Clutch Mistress Fantasy Series

Vampire Mage (A Clutch Mistress Book 1) by Janelle Peel: My name is Sora. I was born into this world to a highly respected Mage family. Most children receive their magic at puberty… I was ...
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The Counterfeit Sorcerer Fantasy Series

The Brand of the Warlock (The Counterfeit Sorcerer Book 1) by Robert Kroese: A chance encounter with a warlock changed everything for Konrad. Now, to save the woman he loves and get revenge on those ...
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