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The Harleigh Sinclair Fantasy Series

Harleigh Sinclair and the Raiders of the Lost Ankh (The Harleigh Sinclair Series Book 1) by Tamara Grantham: Getting confessions from notorious serial killers? Easy. Stealing priceless Egyptian artifacts? No problem. Doing it with a ...
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Elemental Empire Fantasy Series

Elemental Empire (Book 1) by Peter North: Logan Greenwood is heading home when a freak storm whisks him away to a realm filled with stunning elves, enchanting nymphs, and captivating dryads. Thrust into a paradise ...
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Realm of Fantasy and Magic Fantasy Series

Magic of the Realm (Realm of Fantasy and Magic Book 1) by P.S. Power: Tor Baker isn't just a student of magic. He's also far more. A person built by arcane forces and technology to ...
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Heart of Ice Fantasy Series

Fenrir (Heart of Ice Series Book 1) by Demelza Carlton: When Astrid’s father discovers her forbidden romance with Fenrir, he forces her to cast a terrible curse on him – the start of an enchanted ...
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A Revised History of the New World Fantasy Series

Drake's Atlantis (A Revised History of the New World Book 1) by Owen Seadon: A time traveler with a questionable past. A body diviner, the last of her kind. A thief with the key to ...
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