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Trinity Forest Fantasy Series

Ember Burning (Trinity Forest Book 1) by Jennifer Alsever: A grieving girl. A mysterious forest. And a choice. When Ember Trouve ventures into Trinity Forest, tained with urban legends of strange disappearances and witchcraft, she ...
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A Fairies’ Tale Fantasy Series

A Fairies' Tale by Rebecca Torrellas: Inspired by true stories, the A Fairies' Tale series follows a group of magical fairies who live peacefully hidden in the forest. When crows attack them and kidnap a ...
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Royal Blood Fantasy Series

The Phoenix Prince (Royal Blood Book 1) by Kristen Gupton: Vampires have ravaged their world throughout history, and another is coming to power. This time, however, the vampire is not the villain, and a demon-summoning ...
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An Arthurian Saga Fantasy Series

Excalibur Rising (An Arthurian Saga Book 1) by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts: What would you do if you found King Arthur's sword Excalibur? Keep it, sell it, or return it to Arthur and start a war? ...
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The Alliance Fantasy Series

Adamant (The Alliance Series Book 1) by Emma L. Adams: After a magical war forced Ada Fletcher to flee her homeworld to the low-magic Earth, she's spent her life undercover, hiding her deadly magic from ...
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