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The Chameleon Effect Fantasy Series

Silken Scales (The Chameleon Effect Book 1) by Alex Hayes: Idris Williams possesses a command over sound he doesn’t know he has. Cadi Rhoswen has telekinetic abilities and a crystal strung around her neck that ...
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The Toad Witch Mystery Fantasy Series

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead (A Toad Witch Mystery Book 1) by Christiana Miller: After Mara gets fired, evicted, and banned from Beverly Hills, her tarot cards predict her imminent demise. So, she uses ...
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Solum Fantasy Series

Must Remember (Solum Series Book 1) by Colleen S. Myers: The first of the Solum series free! Elizabeth "Beta" Camden is a survivor. When the E’mani destroyed Earth with a plague and took what was ...
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Life-Threatening Wounds and Action-Packed Adventures: Free Mystery eBooks

The Abducted (A Riveting Kidnapping Mystery Series Book 1) by Roger Hayden: A child predator known as the Snatcher is presumed at-large throughout South Florida. To some, he’s a ghost. To others, he’s evil incarnate ...
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Wardens of Issalia Fantasy Series

A Warden's Purpose (Wardens of Issalia Series Book 1) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek: A tale of magic, intrigue, and betrayal, featuring a team of agents who must infiltrate and eliminate an enemy bent on conquest ...
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