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Path of the Crusaders Fantasy Series

Out of Nowhere (Path of the Crusaders Book 1) by William Cali: Adrian Pent trades his football helmet for a knight’s sword in this fantasy adventure. He’s made a mess of his life in the ...
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Kilhaven Police Fantasy Series

Shift Work (Kilhaven Police Book 1) by Brock Bloodworth & H. Claire Taylor: The paranormal city of Kilhaven is going to shift, and human rookie cop Norman Green is in over his head. But with ...
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Fairytales of Folkshore Fantasy Series

Thief of Cahraman (Fairytales of Folkshore Book 1) by Lucy Tempest: A fan of ALADDIN and THE SELECTION? You'll love this gender-bent retelling thousands of reviewers are calling "Masterful" "Spellbinding" and "Unlike anything I've read." ...
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Breath Fantasy Series

Breath (Breath Book 1) by Victoria Dougherty: An ancient curse sends a pair of lovers on a voyage through time, ensnaring them in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. From the most ancient civilizations ...
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The Rebel Magic Fantasy Series

Rebel Magic (The Rebel Magic Series Book 1) by Alex Fox: Bounty hunter Rebel is on the trail of a gifted con artist in the heart of New Orleans. But she comes face-to-face with a ...
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