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Cozying up with the best mystery books by indie authors has never been more affordable than with Freebooksy. With over 92 million people worldwide reading ebooks today, it’s easier than ever before to read the top mystery books without spending a dime or moving a muscle. In fact, with Freebooksy, we’ll send you a customized list of the top mystery books every day for instant download to your Kindle or smartphone. All you need to do is sign up and start reading to enjoy top mystery books we know you’ll love! Books are available for a limited time, so sign up today to enjoy the best new mystery books free of charge!

With hundreds of brand new mystery books for bookworms of all ages, you’ll have an endless supply of mysteries and unsolved crimes to figure out. Narrow down your search for the best mystery books based on your genre preferences by deciding which mystery book subgenre you’d like to read first! To help, we’ve put together a list of the best mystery book subgenres readers like you can’t get enough of.

Popular Mystery Books Subgenres

Cozy Mystery

We weren’t kidding when we said you can “cozy up” with a good mystery book! Unlike some other mystery subgenres that heavily rely on homicides, robberies, or kidnappings, the cozy mystery genre (or “cozies”) tends to focus more on light-hearted and even comical storylines and characters.

Don’t be fooled though! Cozies are filled with plenty of murder, they’re just not typically dressed up in gruesome descriptions. Cozies can be broken down into more specific subgenres like domestic, animal, food, contemporary, and historical cozies, which means you have an endless supply of mysteries to solve!

8 Cozy Mystery Series To Curl Up With

Investigator Mystery

Investigator mystery books focus on the character solving the crime like murder. This character could be a detective, private investigator, significant other, or just an unlucky character that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

10 Best Murder Mystery Books for Any Age Book Covers

10 Best Murder Mystery Books For Any Age


Dark and gritty, noir mystery books will take you on a wild, crime-riddled ride of good versus evil, with an inkling of whether the main character is really the good guy, or if you’ve got it all wrong.

True Crime

If real-life crimes interest you, true crime mystery books are sure to entertain. Based on real crimes, true crime mystery books walk you through the who, what, when, and why of those events.


Focused around police investigations, procedural crime mystery books take you into the world of investigative and forensic procedures to solve a crime. This is a great subgenre if true crime is too “heavy,” but you’d like to read the next best mystery books with a storyline that could technically happen.

Solve The Case With These Detective Books

Solve the case with these detective books


Slow-paced yet intriguing enough to keep you on your toes, suspense mystery books often focus on a protagonist running away from or dealing with a problem.

Mystery Romance Book Covers

Fall in Love with These Mystery Romance Books


Thrillers generally go hand in hand with suspense novels. The main differentiator is that thrillers are more fast-paced and have more action, tension, and higher stakes.


Also known as paranormal mystery, the supernatural subgenre focuses on elements of the unknown, whether that be ghostly encounters, questions about the afterlife, mythical creatures, and of course, an investigator looking for answers.

Hardboiled and Softboiled

If you want a gloves-off mystery book filled with gruesome violence, hardboiled mystery is the top mystery book genre for you. This genre is not for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution!

Conversely, softboiled mystery books, while still riddled with mystery and murder, will keep the story lighter and refrain from sharing the deep, dark details of the crime or characters.

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Make your Kids Question Everything with these Detective Books for Kids

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With more than 20 genres of fresh storylines and brand new characters, we’re confident there is a genre for everyone at Freebooksy. If you find that mystery novels aren’t exactly your cup of tea, simply refine your reading preferences to one or several of our other great genres, including:

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