Get Lost in Your Next Non-Fiction Book Series

Discover your next favorite non-fiction series below.

Looking for your next favorite non-fiction series but still want to find freebies? Then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of non-fiction series for you to enjoy. From business books to memoirs to financial guides, you’re sure to find the right reads for you.
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Advance Nonfiction Series

Assertive Communication: A Practical Guide (Advance Book 1) by Sorin Dumitrascu: Try the role of an assertive business professional. It can be the right style for you. You can find yourself acting proactively and dealing ...
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First Nations True Stories Non-Fiction Series

White Woman Black Heart (First Nations True Stories Book 1) by Barbara Miller: The police force Aborigines off their tribal land at gunpoint. Over a decade later, one passionate young white woman would take up ...
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Productivity Non-Fiction Series

Interpersonal Communication (Productivity Book 1) by Sorin Dumitrascu: One of people's primary needs is social interaction. By communicating well face-to-face, we build healthier and more productive relationships, work more effectively, and gain more satisfaction from ...
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Fun Loving Finn Non-Fiction Series

Rookie Reefer Bandidos - 1970 (Fun Loving Finn Book 1) by Finn Briscoe: 30-minute read. Finn’s tales of the hippy years, full of adventure, love lost and found, and lessons not taught in school. Trips ...
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Eat So What! Extract Non-Fiction Series

Eat So What!: Smart Ways to Stay Healthy (Eat So What! Extract Series Book 1) by La Fonceur: Confused about what to eat and what not to eat for health? Clear your confusion with Eat ...
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