Get Lost in Your Next Non-Fiction Book Series

Discover your next favorite non-fiction series below.

Looking for your next favorite non-fiction series but still want to find freebies? Then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of non-fiction series for you to enjoy. From business books to memoirs to financial guides, you’re sure to find the right reads for you.
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Productivity Books Non-Fiction Series

Find Your Passion (Productivity Books Book 1) by Logan Hawkins: Most people do not enjoy what they do, and when that happens life becomes a daily grind. Others might not even be aware of where ...
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Overthinking Non-Fiction Series

Enough Overthinking (Overthinking Book 1) by Robert J. Charles: Want to be the one who breaks free from the constant overthinking that’s come to dominate so many of our lives? Need to dive deeper, understand ...
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Undead Institute Non-Fiction Series

Building Your First Website (Undead Institute Book 1) by John Rhea: Want to fight zombies? Ever think you could enjoy learning code? Forget those insomnia cures and non-apocalypse-ending books. This one makes learning HTML & ...
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Infamous True Crimes and Trials Non-Fiction Series

Infamous True Crimes and Trials (Volume 1) by Guy Hadleigh: This book comprises ten different kinds of crimes, each one with three parts - an introduction, an infamous case, and an infamous trial. It details ...
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Zoohra Non-Fiction Series

Excel Basics (Zoohra Non Fiction Series Book 1) by Hicham & Mohamed Ibnalkadi: This book is part of a series that includes MBA Core & Elective coursework taught at prestigious universities like Harvard and Wharton ...
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