Best LGBT Books

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What are LGBT Books?

There are two key elements a book requires for it to be categorized as an LGBT book. First, the book must have a main character who identifies with the LGBT community. Second, the character must deal with LGBT-related issues as the focus of the plot. Because of this, not every book with an LGBT character is considered an LGBT book. However, LGBT books are written for both adult and young adult literature in multiple sub-genres, including mystery, fantasy, romance, and drama. 

Why LGBT Books are Important

Unfortunately, the LGBT community is underrepresented in not only books but movies and art as well. However, LGBT books are important because they contain stories beneficial for both those who identify with the LGBT community as well as those who do not. Not only do these stories educate and inform all readers, but they provide inspiration and relatability for LGBT readers. Fortunately, within the past five years, more publishers and booksellers have been creating space for LGBT books and stories with LGBT characters and themes, sending a message of inclusivity. 

Interesting Facts About LGBT Books

Even though LGBT books don’t have equal representation in the world of literature, LGBT characters, themes, and relationships have been in books for hundreds of years. For example, in The Iliad, a famous novel many people read in high school, the author describes a mythological homosexual relationship between the characters Zeus and Ganymede. Geneticists estimate this story was written between 700 and 800 B.C., respectively. Today, however, more and more authors are publishing stories that not only include LGBT characters but that focus on these characters and the challenges and experiences specific to their sexuality. One of the most famous modern LGBT novels is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara that tells the story of four male friends and focuses on themes surrounding a gay lifestyle. 

Diversify Your Reading List with the Best LGBT Books

Whether you are a part of the LGBT community or not, there is much to gain from reading LGBT books. Whereas this genre was once considered “niche,” it is slowly but surely becoming more mainstream, with new authors and stories emerging each year. That’s why we find new books from indie authors and send them straight to your email inbox for free when you sign up to receive free ebooks. You can also follow us on social media and hashtag #freebooksy to connect with other book lovers and find new #bookrecommendations for the best LGBT books of today. 

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