Best Tales of Dark Literary Fiction Books

For anyone who loves big, dark, and unsettling tales, these are the best dark literary fiction books. Darkness lies within the pages of these novels. From terrifying psychological thrillers to twisted family histories, these stories will take you on an emotional journey that’ll leave you reeling long after the book is done.

Dark Literary Fiction has roots in classic writers like Edgar Allan Poe as well as contemporary authors like A.J. Finn. This rich literary tradition is full of stories that strike a certain tone with readers. Here are some of the top tales of dark literary fiction that you should read right now.

8 Dark Literary Fiction Fiction Books

The Woman In The Window Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

1. The Woman In The Window

by AJ Flinn

Anna Fox has been a recluse for 10 years. She’s been spying on her neighbors from her apartment, but when she sees something she shouldn’t, the Russell family’s secrets are laid bare.

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Girl Lost Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

2. Girl Lost (Tyler Mystery Book 1)

by Michelle Files

Dive into this family saga with twists that will keep you turning the pages. The Tyler family has a unique dynamic that leads to tense and gut-wrenching moments. Join them as they navigate family rifts, love, and murder in this suspenseful first installment of the Tyler Mystery Series.

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The Raven Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

3. The Raven

by Edgar Allen Poe

One of the most popular short stories in the English language. The Raven is a masterpiece that features themes surrounding deep human emotion and dark fantastical anguish.

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Night Film Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

4. Night Film

by Marisha Pessl

Ashley Cordova is dead. Her body is found in lower Manhattan in an abandoned warehouse. Though her death is ruled a suicide, veteran investigative journalist Scott McGrath suspects otherwise. There are strange circumstances surrounding Ashley’s life and death. McGrath soon comes face-to-face with one of them, Ashely’s father: the legendary, reclusive cult-horror-film director Stanislas Cordova—a man who hasn’t been seen in public for more than thirty years…

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The Good Daughter Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

5. The Good Daughter

by S.A. McEwen

As a second-generation Sri Lankan, Natalie Coommaraswamy struggles to be the good daughter her parent’s demand. She’s never received the answers she seeks about where she belongs and who she can trust. The silence surrounding her family’s flight from Sri Lanka is deafening. Natalie’s world is turned upside down when her best friend is murdered. She begins her own hunt for the murderer once it becomes clear that the police have no interest in solving the case. But when clues point to her new lover the truth will threaten more than her sanity…

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Welcome to Heaven's Peak Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

6. Heaven’s Peak

by Miguel Estrada

This is a story about a teenage photographer who moves to a new town with his alcoholic father and eight-year-old sister. Their new beginning quickly turns into a nightmare when Kevin witnesses his sister being kidnapped by a bizarre creature. Despite all his efforts, the police are skeptical of his story. In a desperate attempt to save his sister, Kevin must unveil the mysteries surrounding Heaven’s Peak on his own.

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I am the cheese Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

7. I Am the Cheese

by Robert Cormier

This is a story about a boy and his search for his father. It’s also about the memories we try to forget, and how we can’t do so if we want to survive. It’s an exciting conclusion that will leave you breathless!

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The Penitent Priest Cover - Dark literary Fiction Books

8. The Penitent Priest (Father Tom Book 1)

by J. R. Mathis & Susan Mathis

When he found his wife dead in his arms, Father Tom Greer thought he would die with her. But God had other plans for him. Fifteen years later, he’s back where it all happened and this time, there’s a killer to catch.

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