What is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

Everyone loves free things right? And what could be better than free books? At Freebooksy, we are passionate about sharing free books with readers and wanted to discuss one of the latest trends buzzing on BookTok and Bookstagram called Stuff Your Kindle Day.

Stuff Your Kindle Day

What is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

Haven’t heard of Stuff Your Kindle Day before now? You’re not the only one. Stuff Your Kindle Day is not an official day or sale organized by Amazon so it can be a little tricky to find official information on the subject. Stuff Your Kindle Day is an event organized by Romance Bookworms where readers can download a huge selection of free eBooks for a limited time.


Is it just for free books on Amazon?

The name Stuff Your Kindle Day might lead you to believe this event is just for Amazon Kindle users. Thankfully this is not the case. Another commonly used term for this sale is Stuff Your eReader Day as the free books included are also often available on Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play. While some books can be exclusive to Amazon, readers using these other platforms definitely have a lot of options as well.


When is the next Stuff Your Kindle Day?

The Stuff Your Kindle Day sale currently runs four times a year and the dates for 2023 were March 31st, June 30th, September 20th, and December 27th. While all the dates for Stuff Your Kindle Day 2024 are not confirmed at this time, the first batch occurs on April 23rd for the romance genre, April 25th for the cozy mystery genre, and April 27th for the witchy genre.


Is it available in other genres?

At this time, the main Stuff Your Kindle Day sale is primarily for romance books. In saying that, the options available usually encompass many sub-genres and tropes that overlap with other genres like fantasy and suspense. However, there are some other sales similar to Stuff Your Kindle Day that are starting to emerge for other genres.


Don’t want to wait for Stuff Your Kindle Day to get free books?

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