Will Love Win? Find Out in These Romantic Thriller Books

For those in search of a good love story, there are plenty on offer. Romance novels have been around for centuries, and they continue to be some of the most popular books today. When you throw in thrilling and suspenseful plots, you’re sure to get an enthralling novel that you won’t be able to put down. If you are looking for a way to get lost in a book that is full of action, is completely unpredictable, and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end, then this list of six romantic thriller books is just what you need!

Why You Should Read Romantic Thriller Books

Romantic thriller books give you the best of both worlds—you get adrenaline-pumping storylines mixed together with romances that will make your heart race. There are plenty of great romantic thriller books out there that can satisfy both of your cravings for both these types of books, and many of them involve murder, mystery, thrills, and suspense.

There are different tropes that are typically found within a romantic thriller book, as explained in an article from Mystery & Suspense. There are the stories that feature love interests who fight crime and danger for a living, and then there are the stories that feature strong female characters who are the exact opposite of a damsel in distress. Many authors do these tropes well, including Nora Roberts and Laura Griffin. If you’re a fan of these authors, keep reading to find out what romantic thriller books you should read next!

Romantic Thriller Books - The Perfect Stranger by Charlotte Byrd

1. The Perfect Stranger

by Charlotte Byrd

Once powerful and rich, Tyler has been convicted of crimes he did not commit. He hasn’t been in contact with his childhood friend, Isabelle, for years, but Tyler finds her after escaping from prison. Unsure of his motives, Isabelle wonders exactly what made him show up out of the blue. And when old feelings return, she can’t turn him away. But helping Tyler means becoming a fugitive, and Isabelle realizes that she might not have a choice.

The first book in USA Today Bestselling Author Charlotte Byrd’s series with the same name, The Perfect Stranger has earned five-star reviews from over 900 readers on Amazon. This heart-racing book is one book you don’t want to skip, especially when you find out that readers describe it as “decadent, delicious, & dangerously addictive!” If you’re a fan of characters on the run, you’re sure to enjoy this fast-paced read.

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Romantic Thriller Books - Final Deception by Stephanie St. Klaire

2. Final Deception

by Stephanie St. Klaire

Cane O’Reilly has one job as a security operative for Brother’s Keeper: keep Charlie Adams, the only survivor of an infamous killer named Anson Deveraux, alive. Witness protection has failed Charlie on more than one occasion, and now Cane has to protect her. Cane has eyes and ears all over the city of sin to track down the killer and take him down. He would do anything to protect the beautiful Charlie, but Anson plans on doing everything he can to finish what he started.

USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie St. Klaire kicks off The Keeper’s Series with Final Deception. Intense scenes and a plethora of action await you in this assassination thriller. You’ll be on the edge of your seat when reading what happens between Cane and Charlie during the blackout. One five-star review says the book “started with a bang and didn’t stop till the last page.” Final Deception ends with a cliffhanger, but don’t worry—there are five other books in the series already published and even more on the way!

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Romantic Thriller Books - Ravaged Crown by Nicole Fox

3. Ravaged Crown

by Nicole Fox

When Willow walks in on her husband and another woman, she leaves him and becomes broke, jobless, and homeless. Filling in as a waitress at a restaurant, she accidentally trips and falls, finding herself on top of a handsome stranger. One hookup later, Willow gets a call from her temp agency with a new job that sounds a bit too good to be true. As it turns out, that handsome stranger is named Leo and he’s very rich, powerful, and insistent that Willow stays with him.

No list of romantic thriller books is complete without a mafia romance. Ravaged Crown is the first of two books in Nicole Fox’s Solovev Bratva duet. When a bratva, or Russian mafia, is involved, you know the storyline is going to be intense and the romance will be steamy. The second book of Willow and Leo’s story was released earlier this year and it’s a thrilling conclusion to this first book, which readers describe as a “sexy, suspense-filled story.”

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Romantic Thriller Books - Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson

4. Her Sanctuary

by Toni Anderson

Elizabeth Ward does her job well. As an FBI Special Agent, she has brought down a mobster’s empire, only to be rewarded with a target on her back. The remote ranch she escapes to was supposed to be a fresh start, and no fresh start should include a sexy man who is built like a mountain. Nat Sullivan can tell there’s trouble with the beautiful woman who has suddenly appeared in Montana. Will an unexpected passion let Elizabeth and Nat find common ground, or will her secrets get in the way when a killer tracks her down?

Written by New York Times Bestselling Author Toni Anderson, Her Sanctuary is the first installment of the Her series. The book has everything you want in a romantic thriller: skilled agents, mobs, and vulnerability. One five-star review describes the book as “complex. It has great characters that are authentic. It has well-thought-out plot lines. It’s brilliant.” Because the story mainly takes place in Montana, you can expect to see cowboys and beautiful mountain scenery in Her Sanctuary.

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Romantic Thriller Books - Perilous Trust by Barbara Freethy

5. Perilous Trust

by Barbara Freethy

Damon and Sophie were tortured souls who were brought together on a dark night. They were never supposed to see each other again. It has been four years since then and Sophie’s dad, who happens to be Damon’s mentor, dies in a suspicious car accident. When Damon starts looking for Sophie, she knows that he could very well tear apart what remains of her heart. Although neither wants to get involved with each other, Damon and Sophie are forced to go off the grid when someone starts shooting at them.

Deemed a “brilliant romantic suspense book” by reviewers, Perilous Trust is the first book in the Off the Grid: FBI series by New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy. With lots of twists and turns in the story, you’ll be captivated trying to figure out who murdered Sophie’s father. The romance helps make this book a page-turner and you’ll be eager to read the other ten books in the series once you finish this one!

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Romantic Thriller Books - The Man from Sanctum by Lexi Blake

6. The Man From Sanctum

by Lexi Blake

When Maddie Hall and Deke Murphy dated in high school, she was valedictorian and he was a jock who never took anything seriously—except for her. When a tragedy happens, Deke’s sacrifice ends their relationship. Nearly 20 years later, Maddi works her dream job and has made her lifestyle be first class. But when she discovers that her boss may or may not be involved with an international conspiracy, she knows that Deke may be the key to solving the mystery. Will their chemistry be reignited as they work together?

Lexi Blake is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author who is sure to blow your mind with The Man From Sanctum. This is the third book of her Masters and Mercenaries: Reloaded series, and while you can read this book without reading the others in the series, you’ll be a bit more familiar with different side characters if you read the others in the series. If you’re a fan of twist endings, sinister villains, and passion, you’ll be very happy with this second chance romance!

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