Bloodlust: Free Kindle Thriller

Editor’s Note: In BLOODLUST, a head injury turns a brain surgeon into a serial killer. 

Book Description: Brain surgeon Alex Dien is shot in the head and slips into a coma. He awakens a blood-thirsty monster with voices in his head prompting him to stab, drown, and strangle. Soon, the bodies begin to pile up and the FBI gets involved. In the end, Alex must choose to listen to the voices in his head, or save his wife and daughter–from himself.

Author’s Inspiration: Have you heard of Phineas Gage? Railroad construction foreman in the 1800s. Nice guy, well-liked by his employers. Had an iron rod go through his head in a rock blasting accident. Unfortunately, he lived. Phineas Gage, however, did not. Only his body remained. His mind was gone. He started gambling, harassing women, and was prone to violent outbursts.

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John R. Lindensmith is a writer from Fargo, North Dakota. He was born in Kagoshima, Japan, where his parents served as missionaries. In high school, he self-published and promoted a psychological thriller titled Mystery Man. He is also the author of Hell, Revenge of the Fast Food Mascots, and Pete.

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