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Editor’s Note: ENCHANTED SECRETS is a modern day tale of romance, mystery, and witches. 

Book Description: When Kendra meets Tyler, the new guy in school, she can’t help but be drawn to his irresistible charms. She agrees to visit his family’s new store, Secrets, and is introduced to a world of magic that takes her breath away. Soon, she learns from Tyler that her own mother has been harboring secrets… ones that could destroy Kendra’s life and those around her.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing about the supernatural. I was obsessed with Harry Potter and it inspired me to create my own spin on the witch genre.

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Kristen Middleton

Kristen Middleton lives in the Midwest with her family. Her love of books began when she lived on a small farm in Minnesota. Because there weren’t many children in the area, she learned to occupy her free-time by reading. As she grew older, she dreamed of becoming an author, but didn’t have the patience or courage to finish anything she’d start. It wasn’t until she decided to create a whimsical horror story, dedicated to her daughters, that she realized she could finish an entire book, and people were actually interested in reading what she’d created. From that moment on, she began her writing career and has never looked back.

Author Website: www.kristenmiddleton.com


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