Dancing Days (The Helicon Muses Book 1): Free Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo eBook

Editor’s Note: DANCING DAYS is a gritty, grown-up portal fantasy for both teens and adults. 

Book Description: Owen has been there for fifteen year old Nora as long as she can remember, through years of horrible foster homes and bullies at school. He promises to get them both back to the world of muses, Helicon, where they belong. When one of Nora’s rituals finally work and transports her suddenly back to bohemian, whimsical Helicon, she’s expected to create and inspire with the other muses all day long. Nora and her new found muse friends embark to find who is draining the muse’s energy. Everything would be going perfectly- if only Owen wasn’t being so obsessive. 

Author’s Inspiration: I reread the Harry Potter books on a whim, all in one go, and I was so swept away that I never wanted to leave Hogwarts. I looked around for a similar series of books, but everything I found was too juvenile or too impenetrable. So, I did what I always do when I can’t find the book I want to read. I wrote it myself.

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V.J. CHAMBERS is inexplicably attracted to the dangerously alluring. Her works are set in both mundane locales and fantastic ones. She writes about pirates, werewolves, serial killers, cult leaders, zombies, and yes, even regular folks too. V.J. resides in Shepherdstown, West Virginia with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat, Isis. 

Author Website: http://www.vjchambers.com/

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