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Editor’s Note: Visit Verona and Venice and lose yourself in the romance in HONEYMOON FOR ONE.

Book Description: Recovering from an illness, alone at home on New Year’s Eve, Ava Ramirez is waiting for her fiancé to get back from a party, so that they can see the New Year in together. They are due to get married in six weeks time, on Valentines Day. However, her fiancé never turns up but calls her instead and dumps her, telling her he can’t go through with the wedding.

Heartbroken, Ava cancels her wedding arrangements but decides to go away, on her honeymoon, alone. She needs to take time out to heal.

In Italy, she finds herself drawn towards the mysterious Nico, a man who she believes to be the hotel driver. 

Will she find a second chance to love, or will she end up getting hurt again?

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Lily Zante

I love to write! That’s it. I’ve been writing since I was a child and loved creating characters and worlds for these characters to inhabit. I love writing romantic fiction because we all have ideas and daydreams in our heads, don’t we? And getting mine out onto paper is a lot more fun that carrying these around in my head. 

If you enjoy reading romance stories about characters with faults and insecurities and how they get over them, you might enjoy Lily Zante novels.

Author Website: http://www.lilyzante.com

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