Some Like It Ruthless: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Meet an alpha male who met his match… And then betrayed her in SOME LIKE IT RUTHLESS. 

Book Description: Margaret Caldwell and Cole Montgomery have History. Some good, some oh-so-bad. But sometimes, desperate times call for swallowing your pride, letting bygones-be-bygones, and learning how to forgive.

And sometimes, desperate times can take a flying leap.

Get the eBook for FREE on 8/11-8/31. 

Megan Bryce

Megan Bryce sits in front of a computer all day making up stories for a living. Which means she is not nearly as interesting (as well as tall, svelte, and/or dressed) as her characters. She gets bored quickly and just can’t be bothered with anyone in her head who doesn’t make her laugh– which translates into fun books, outrageous situations, and witty characters who will leave you laughing and gasping for more.

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