Religious and Nonfiction Free eBooks

VEGETARIAN WEIGHT LOSS by Jonathan Vine: Want to lose those extra pounds and live a healthy lifestyle? The best new vegetarian weight loss diet. Start today and lose weight instantly! *eBook will be free until 7pm EST*

PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE, AND HAPPY by Jacob Reimer is a detailed look behind what it takes to be “successful”. Including the three major factors Mental, Physical, and Financial, and how anyone can become productive, positive, and happy in 21 days or less!

DOUBT by Anne-Rae Vasquez is an award winning Christian fantasy. Harry Doubt and Cristal Hernandez try to find out the truth behind their loved ones’ disappearances only to discover angels and demons living among them. Their search triggers the end of the world as they know it.

THE TRUE PATH TO INNER PEACE by Alberto Parra Kadpa lays out the basic knowledge that will help you reprogram your brain to be happier and less stressed. 

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