Short Stories and Survival Games: Free Science Fiction eBooks on Kindle

Out of Time: Amazing Stories for Ordinary wo-men by Wendy D. Gillespie: Fantasy/Sci-fi with a twist! There’s something for everyone in this bundle. Ladies, there’s some fun stuff for you and guys, you’ll find an updated 50s pulp fiction style.

This book is Free on September 19, 2015

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Arena Mode by Blake Northcott: Comic book enthusiast and lifelong underachiever Matthew Moxon is excited to watch real-life superheroes clash for the first time, but a series of unforeseen circumstances find him tossed into the tournament, forced to fight the most dangerous human beings on the planet. When the game begins his only chance of survival is to outwit the competitors, all while he tries to uncover secrets deep inside the Arena.

This book is Free on September 19, 2015


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