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The Second Incarnation of Beelzebub by Anthony O’Connor: The demonic Lord of Hate – Beelzebub – incarnates as Jesus and founds Christianity in an attempt to become a God. Everyone opposes him – Yahweh, Lucifer, the Apostles, the Romans, the Shin Butt. It doesn’t turn out at all as he intended. A very amusing satire which challenges the standard story in every way possible.

This book is Free on March 14, 2016

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Ravenward by Steven Atwood: With impending invasions on Axain, Thea the Loyal leads the charge to protect the Kingdom. Can she keep the Galin the IV on the throne and save the kingdom from the Darkstriders? Not all the kingdom’s enemies are Dark Elves. Some are much closer to home.

This book is Free on March 14, 2016

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