Secret Societies and Deadly Viruses: Free Young Adult eBooks

The Changeling's Fortune (Winter's Blight Book 1) on Kindle

The Changeling’s Fortune (Winter’s Blight Book 1) by M.C. Aquila & K.C. Lannon: When 17-year-old Deirdre moves to Neo-London, she discovers she has powerful magical abilities — and finds herself caught in the center of a conflict between the city’s faeries and the human military. Can she find a way to control her power… and protect her freedom?

This book is Free on October 30, 2020

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Death's Awakening (Eternal Sorrows Book 1) on Kindle

Death’s Awakening (Eternal Sorrows Book 1) by Sarra Cannon: Parrish Sorrows never believed she was special, but when a deadly virus spreads across the globe, killing millions, a mysterious power inside her is reborn. A power that proves she was special all along. A power that shows she’s the key to saving what’s left of the world… and she’s not the only one.

This book is Free on October 30, 2020

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Roseblood on Kindle

Roseblood by Emily Shore: Twilight & Phantom of the Opera… If only Reina Caraway would stop waking up in vineyards with bruises on her back and bloody roses and corpses at her feet! Though she is the only human in a secret society of vampires and werewolves, she must help the Council find the killer stalking her while training alongside two rivals for her heart.

This book is Free on October 30, 2020

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