The Girl in the Italian Bakery – Free Kindle Book

An incredible book of hope and a wonderfully honest memoir.

The Girl in the Italian Bakery is a touching story of one man’s struggle to make the best of the terribly hand life has dealt him. Kenny Tingle has faced childhood tragedy, a broken family and a rough adolescence and years of loneliness, but he has met each challenge with surprising strength and tenacity. This inspiring book is a testament to the human spirit and our desire to not only survive, but thrive in a world filled with adversity and pain.

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Kenneth Tingle

Former Marine Kenneth Tingle is a registered nurse, writer, and proud husband and father.

The Edge of Trust – Free Kindle Book

The author has combined an action thriller that will take your breath away with the suspense of a romantic love story!

For three years, dedicated covert agent and former SEAL commander Dillon Caldwell worked undercover as security adviser for drug czar Rafael Sanchez, head of the Sanchez Brothers Cartel. But someone deliberately blew Dillon’s cover, and his family paid the brutal price. Dillon’s wife, sister and parents—all killed in cold blood. Now a vengeance wilder than the jungles of Colombia drives Dillon to hunt Sanchez down and dispense some personal, one-on-one instruction in all the ways a man can be made to suffer.

But someone who knows about Dillon and his black ops mission continues to undermine him and he’s determined to find the leak, no matter the cost—he is, after all, a man with nothing left to lose. Then Dillon’s “risk everything for the sake of retribution” attitude is shaken when he makes the mind-blowing discovery that his wife is alive. Somehow she survived the explosion the FBI claimed had killed her. Except—she doesn’t want anything to do with him. It’s bad enough that for over a year she kept her survival a secret. But even worse, she has something the SBC wants—something the cartel is willing to kill for. Has Dillon rediscovered the wife he loved more than life itself, only to lose her all over again?

Sara Caldwell doesn’t know this man who used to be her husband. Before the explosion, before the FBI persuaded her to go into hiding, her marriage had already begun to unravel. Dillon had grown much too close to his target’s wife and daughter—the photos Sara received from an anonymous source had made that perfectly clear. But she’d never meant to make him suffer—the FBI had assured her they’d told Dillon she was alive. But they hadn’t, which explained why he’d never tried to contact her. Not that it matters. With Dillon, the mission will always come first, and Sara has finally accepted she deserves more than that. And wasn’t it Dillon’s obsession with annihilating the SBC that jeopardized her life—and their future—in the first place?

Still, he deserves to know her secrets. All of them. Even the ones that will make him hate her forever, because too many precious lives are at stake. But with the bloodthirsty SBC stalking them, will Sara ever get the chance to let Dillon exactly how much he’s risking?

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KT Bryan

Author KT Bryan is a writer, wife and mom. She likes antiques, art, wine, traveling and spoiling her family’s rescue pets.

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The Simplified Diet: Free Kindle Book

Finally some truth on how to lose weight and maintain it long term!

With the amount of confusing, contradictory weight loss information out there, it’s no wonder so many people have a hard to losing weight and staying healthy.

The Simplified Diet cuts through the hype and chaos of the weight loss industry and introduces a common-sense, easy-to-follow plan that lets you lose weight in a consistent and healthy way. 

Put your calculator down – there’s no counting calories. Just simple, effective ideas that can help you achieve permanent weight loss.

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Michael Massie

Years of martial arts and fitness activities led Michael Massie to earning a degree in health sciences. He is dedicated to helping others find natural, safe means of improving their health. Michael and his family live in Austin, Texas.

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Kindle or Nook: Why are there more free ebooks for Kindle than for Nook?

At Freebooksy, we want to provide free ebooks for you – no matter what e-reader you have. The unfortunate truth, however, is this: there are a lot more free Kindle books than free Nook books. Here’s why.

Amazon has a program called KDP Select, which allows authors to make their books free for a limited time as a marketing tool to reach more readers. And it works. One caviat of KDP Select? Amazon forbids authors from making their books free anywhere else during those free days. That’s why most of the books we feature are ONLY available on Kindle.

So why do authors choose Amazon in the first place? Amazon holds approximately 67% of the market share of eBooks, while Barnes and Noble holds approximately 25% of the market (source). Authors want to be where the readers are, and most readers are on Amazon. So, authors flock to publish on Kindle.

Amazon’s restrictive terms coupled with Barnes and Noble’s significantly smaller reader base leads to where we are now- far more free Kindle books than free Nook books (and free Kobo books, etc).

We do post free Nook books when we hear about great ones- and that’s about once per week. If you don’t want to sort through all the free Kindle books on our website or Facebook page, sign up for our emails  to recieve ONLY books specifically for your e-reader in your inbox.