Three Thriller Novels : Free on Kindle

Editor’s Note: Action… check. Plot twists…check. Make your stomach drop moments…check. We’ve found three thrillers that certainly make the grade for an excellent read! 


These books are free 5/10. 

Two Young Adult Novels Free On Kindle

Editor’s Note: Attention YA Fans:: We’ve found you two brilliant novels that will have you falling in love or finding hope and redemption. Reading either of these is time well spent! 


These books are free 5/10. 

Book Giveaway: The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett’s best selling book, The Magician’s Assistant, is on sale for the entire month of May. To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy to one of our readers for Kindle, Nook, or Apple!

Here’s a little bit about the book if you’re unfamiliar with THE MAGICIAN’S ASSISTANT. 

The primary theme of this book is loss, specifically, the loss of a loved one. Sabine, the protagonist, loves her husband immensely. After he dies, she has to navigate the healing process while unravelling her late husband’s secrets.

Patchett is known for her literary prowess and compelling characters. If you loved her book BEL CANTO (and come on, we all did), give THE MAGICIAN’S ASSISTANT a shot.

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The Accidental Bachelor : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: It’s like the show 30-Something set to the soundtrack from Say Anything. 

This is a really funny book with a lot of heart! 

Book Description: As the last of his friends to find a customer for his surname, hungover from one singles-bar karaoke of “Heat of the Moment” too many, Finn McCallister senses his personal life is circling the drain. In an attempt to outrun his insecurities, Finn trains for a marathon and literally collides with doe-eyed veterinarian Kim, who awakens primal feelings dormant since Phoebe Cates graced the halls of Ridgemont High. After Finn gains momentum from this new relationship, he attempts to rehabilitate his toxic best friend, Carmichael, in the one city diametrically opposed to rehabilitation—Las Vegas.

Those who enjoyed High Fidelity, About a Boy, and A Prayer for Owen Meany will enjoy THE ACCIDENTAL BACHELOR.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I felt there was a huge void in American literature for dry, male humor. And, no one seems to tell the stories of the extraordinary, and humorous, things that happen to ordinary males while they are trying to find purpose in their lives. Also, I’m a huge fan of a well-placed soundtrack song in a movie, something perfected by Cameron Crowe. I crafted this into the book with 80s music and nostalgia from my formative years.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Ron Livingston or Adam Scott

From the Book: Only a smattering of patrons sang along, all part of the animal species Felis concolor, better known as the puma, mountain lion, panther or most recognizably, the cougar. I thought of the “Hello” video, which was even crappier than the song. Lionel Richie was an art teacher who had a crush on one of his students and stared at her with cradle-robbing eyes. Even more offensive was she was blind and had no idea he was stalking her. Throughout the video she worked on a clay sculpture of a head. Lionel would stare at her as if he were fantasizing he was the clay; it was a very uncomfortable four minutes.


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This book is free 5/9-5/10.

Timothy Holsten


The Accidental Bachelor was born from a sophomoric Las Vegas story idea and grew in depth as Tim’s personal relationships and faith grew. He lives in Encinitas, just north of San Diego, has an incredible wife, four kids he worships, and is a strong Christian. He is also an avid runner, frequent Hawaii visitor, Special Olympics coach, memorizer of useless 80s pop culture, has worked in real estate and technology, and spent time in Boulder (CU Class of 1993, Go Buffs!), San Francisco and San Diego, all threads and settings that figure prominently into the humorous, yet grounded, story.

Favorite Food: Eating garlic ahi from Irifune in Honolulu


Favorite Place to Write: Oceanfront 

Favorite Music: Journey


Three Free Kindle Paranormal/Mystery Novels

Editor’s Note: Zombies, the apocalypse, and good old fashion murder all make for good reading. So these three books have a little something for everyone!


These books are free 5/9.

Free Romance Novels for Kindle

Editor’s Note: These three romances have something for everyone. TRUTH OR DATE is a fun contemporary read, THE JOB OFFER features a powerful female protagonist, and GOLDEN BLOOD is a fantasy / time-travel love story.


These books are free on May 9.

Three Murder Mysteries: Free Kindle Books

Editor’s note: you get to solve three different murders today – all without spending a dime. ICE HUNTER is the debut to a cop mystery series, MURDER ON THE GHOST WALK is set in Wilmington, NC (there’s a ghost walk for tourists at night – it’s fun if you’re ever down there), and A BODY IN THE BACKYARD is about a body.. found by a gardner in a backyard. Really, the title says it all.


These books are free on May 9.

Three Nonfiction Picks: Free Kindle Books

Editor’s note: today’s nonfiction roundup contains three very different books: a biography of Tesla (a pretty important guy), a guide to decorating your home, and a book to understand different personalities. Grab all three and learn something new!


These Kindle books are free on May 9.

Voices: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: VOICES is the second book in the David Chance series. Its full of suspense and action that will have you on the edge of your seat! 

The suspense will have you reading late into the night because you will not want to put this one down!

In VOICES, David Chance finds himself drawn back into another murder myster and meets, Jon Blake, a teen with an unusual ability of hearing voices in his mind. Will they both remain safe when evil conspires against them?  VOICES will leave you breathless with its relentless action and suspense.

VOICES has more than enough twists and turns and unexpected action to delight any discriminating reader. 

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This book is free 5/8.

John Michael Hileman


Regarding Suspense Mystery and Supernatural Thriller author John Michael Hileman: After serving in the U.S. Army, John Michael Hileman started a small 3D animation company. From there he was hired as production director for a television station, where he oversaw the production of three semi-national television programs. In his spare time, while being a faithful husband and father, he authored his first book, VRIN: ten mortal gods, which later placed in the top four of a national writing competition. Encouraged by this, John went on to write the #1 best selling supernatural thriller MESSAGES, and his latest release UNSEEN. The rest is yet to be written.