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Alone: Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose (Free Kindle Book)

An exciting vampire mystery!

Erin Rose doesn’t know who she is or how she got here. Alone in an unfamiliar apartment, the 22-year-old only knows one thing for certain – she was bitten by a vampire.

She sets out to discover her past, and soon finds that the task is more difficult -and dangerous- than she could ever have imagined. 

ALONE is the first book in the Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose series. 


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This book is free on 4/4.

Steve Perlow

Steve Perlow is the author of the Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose series, which includes Alice Stood Up, Alone, and Lion.

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The Death Contingency – Free Kindle eBook

A very well crafted, interesting murder mystery.

Regan McHenry is not your average Realtor. Unlike most real estate agents, Regan’s work delves her into mystery – and murder.

When two deaths occur in Regan’s neighborhood, the Realtor goes to work as an amateur detective. Can Regan use her knowledge of real estate and tireless determination to solve the mystery?

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Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Nancy Lynn Jarvis lives in Santa Cruz, California. She and her husband run a real estate agency together. After working in business and as a librarian, she decided to make writing her next great adventure. 

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The Sable City – Free Kindle Book

Move over Tolkien…the best epic fantasy every!

Tilda Lanai has trained for years to take her place among the Guilders of the Miilark Islands, but now the Trade House she is to serve is imperiled by the absence of a legitimate Deskata heir. Scenting blood in the water, rival Houses begin to circle. The desperate search for an exiled heir takes Tilda across a war-torn continent and to the gates of the Sable City, where centuries ago dark magic almost destroyed the world. 

Along with a sinister sorceress, a broken-hearted samurai, and a miscreant mercenary long on charm but lousy with a crossbow, Tilda must brave the demon-infested ruins. Only then can she find John Deskata, who may not want to be found at all.

Volume One of the Norothian Cycle.

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This book is free for Kindle on 4/1.

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M. Edward McNally

M. Edward McNally is a North Carolina native of Irish and Mexican descent. Eddie grew up in the Midwest and studied Russian and eastern European history at Appalachian State University.

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Deep Rough – Free Kindle Book

A page turner!

Sports agent Craig Waltrip has discovered a dangerous plot that could derail The Masters golf tournament.

Deep Rough is an entertaining and educational journey through the famed golf tournament. The stakes are higher than just the championship – someone’s life could be on the line.

This novel is perfect for fans of golf and thrillers alike. 

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This book is free on 3/29.

Chris Blewitt

Chris Blewitt loves literature and golfing. An author and salesman, Chris and his family live outside Philadelphia.

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Harry Potter eBooks for your Kindle, Finally!

Great news, readers! As of today, all seven Harry Potter books are now available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad

Unfortunately, they’re not sold directly from Amazon, so the process is a bit complicated. Fortunately, we’ve already bought our copies and will show you exactly how to get your Harry Potter Kindle books.

Here is our step-by-step guide:  (We are using the original, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as our example).

1) Start at the Amazon page (here’s the link):

2) Click “Buy at Pottermore” on the right hand side. It will take you to this page:

3) Click “Add to Basket.” Go to your basket, which looks like this…

4) Click ‘proceed to checkout’ (this part’s pretty self-explanatory) and buy the book. Once you’ve signed up for an account with Pottermore and purchased it, you’ll be directed to a page that looks like this:

5) Click ‘proceed to download.’ You’ll be directed to a page to select the book you want to download.

6) Click ‘select’ and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose which format you’d like to download the book for. You can download it 8 times!

I picked Amazon, since I have a Kindle, but am also planning to download for Apple (by clicking ‘Direct Download’). Since most of you wonderful readers have Kindles as well, here’s what it looks like when you click ‘Amazon – Kindle.’

7) You first link your account — 

8) Sign in to Amazon via the pop-up window that appears, then click “Send my Book” then “Go to Amazon.” You will be directed to your Kindle Library, where your Harry Potter book will be waiting!


Having Harry Potter on my Kindle is definitely worth the few minutes spend buying / downloading it. I’m planning to buy the rest tonight!

Have you bought your copies yet? Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

The M-16 Agenda (Free Kindle Book)

Absolutely phenomenal!

Jack Granger is slated to become the next Democratic president of the United States. An Iraq War veteran, Jack has built his political platform around his wartime experiences. But when the situation in Iraq takes a new, deadly turn, Jack finds himself in a new battle – one that could destroy everything he holds dear.

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This book is free on 3/26-3/28

James Wilcox

James Wilcox lives with his wife and three kids. A former newspaper photographer and columnist, James currently teaches high school in the Kansas City area.

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Treasure of Egypt (Free Kindle Book)

A funny and entertaining adventure!

In this lighthearted romp, readers accompany Lord Alec Brighton on a quest for long-lost Egyptian treasure. Along the way he uncovers ancient mysteries, battles modern-day dangers and comes face-to-face with an ominous curse. 

Set in 1863, this hilarious tale of friendship and adventure sweeps readers across Egypt and around the world with a dazzling mix of history and imagination.

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Barbara Ivie Green

Barbara Ivie Green lives in Piney Woods, Texas with her husband, daughter, two dogs and four cats. After being a professional artist for 25 years, she now also enjoys writing and poring over books on ancient world history. Being able to combine her love of all three is a dream come true.

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Chosen – The Guardians of the Word (Free Kindle Book)

A thrilling and meaningful science fiction read

Dynan Telaerin is 16 when he discovers finds himself in a demon’s lair surrounded by corpses and monsters. Though he hasn’t yet mastered his own powers, Dynan must fight to save the soul of his powerful, telepathic ancestor. Can he succeed in saving everyone he knows from the evil that threatens the existence, or will he be swallowed by the demons?

Chosen is the first installment of Guardians of the Word, an eight-part series for young adults.

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Jolea Harrison

Jolea M. Harrison lives in Virginia with her family in a 200-year-old farmhouse. She collects historical artifacts from the Civil War period. On a recent fact finding mission about the house, she discovered the name of a young Civil War soldier who died there while being cared for by a field doctor. She has two children who firmly believe in ghosts.

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On Unfaithful Wings (Free Kindle Book)

Hard to put down!

I was alive, then I was dead, now I’m stuck somewhere in between.

My name is Icarus Fell. I am a harvester.

The archangel Michael brought me back to collect souls and help them on their way to Heaven–that’s what a harvester does. If I do a good job, I get my life back. Now people I knew in life are being murdered, and it’s up to me to stop the serial killer. 

But how can a dead man, a man who no longer exists, stop a psycho? I’m not sure, but I’m going to stop him before everyone I love is dead.

I have to stop him before he gets to my son.

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Bruce Blake

Bruce Blake lives in Canada with his wife and their two children.

Bruce’s first short story was published in 2008. On Unfaithful Wings is the first novel in his Icarus Fell series.

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The Wireman (Free Kindle Book)

A brilliant, chilling tale

A seasoned killer. A series of grisly murders.

In the 1970s, the gruesome murders performed by the Wireman terrify the residents of Houston, Texas. Two brothers, still shaken by the horrors of their time in Vietnam, are at the center of the shadowy plot. Is one of them a serial killer? Can his brother stop him?

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Billie Sue Mosiman

Billie Sue Mosiman is the prolific author of more than 50 books and short stories. Her work has been nominated for a number of awards, including the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Novel. She loves writing, photography and travelling.



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