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Super Blake Review & Giveaway

Simply superly superb !

Super Blake & the Cavity Monster is a wonderful illustrated children’s book that will be beloved by all ages. Blake is a is a super hero, who valiently fights his enemies: Cavity Monster, Ginger Vitis, and Sir Plaque. His secret weapons: brushing and flossing.

The rhyming writing and colorful illustrations keep kids engaged and interested in the story. This book is a fun and effective way to get your kids excited about taking care of their teeth – it’s no longer a boring chore, it’s a super hero’s job!

This is the first in a series of Super Blake books that are going to be released – we can’t wait to see the next ones!

Freebooksy is giving away one copy of the book so enter below. Super Blake is giving away a Kindle Fire so you can enter to win that as well!

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Check out this quick video introducing you to the characters in the book:


Giveaway: The Hunger Games Trilogy for Nook or Kindle

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love the Hunger Games:


5. The villains? We LOVE to hate them. We won’t give names, but someone dies in Mockingjay and none of us were upset. The villains are so evil that we’re almost hoping they die grisly deaths. The ruthless Gamemakers who control the Hunger Games torture their victims with physical and mental attacks, all in the name of sport. They’re evil. And President Snow, whose breath smells like blood (gross), has got to be one of the cruelest leaders we’ve seen.

4. The fashion. The people of the Capitol are obsessed with luxury. They dye their skin bright colors. They tattoo themselves to look like tigers. Can you imagine a world in which a Marie Antoinette style gown goes well with WHISKERS? Clearly it’s a haven for creativity. Plus, don’t you think our intern Hannah makes a good tiger?

3. The books are seriously exciting. Collins’ writing is vivid and engaging. Readers are easily transported into the harsh world of Panem and are left hanging on Collins’ every word. Okay, maybe they’re more addicting than exciting. 

2. They’re YA books that still appeal to adults. Yeah, there’s the romance and fantasy you’d expect from a young adult novel. But The Hunger Games grapples with some very adult themes – bloody combat, class warfare, extreme brutality, loss of innocence. Reading about teens forced to murder each other for sport is a harrowing task at any age. Teens may fawn over Peeta and Gale, but adults might think about Panem’s political structure and how that applies to the current international arena. There’s substance under the romance.

1. Katniss is a kickass heroine. She’s clever, resourceful and brave despite being an impoverished 16-year-old. She cares more about feeding her family than making friends or attracting boys. Her honesty and heroism make us want to be like her. And she’s relatable. She faces unimaginable horrors, but struggles with the incredibly normal pangs of conflicting loyalties and teenage love. Katniss is fascinating and dynamic, making her a great protagonist. We can’t wait to see her on the big screen, wearing her iconic Mockingjay pin.

Think you’d love the Hunger Games, too? Freebooksy is giving away the complete e-book trilogy to one lucky reader.    



Giveaway: Forgiving the Unforgivable

It’s your lucky day! We are giving away 3 copies of the inspiring new book, Forgiving the Unforgivable by Master Charles Cannon.

This book tells the incredible story of Master Charles Cannon and 24 of his associates during the 45-hour terrorist siege of Mumbai in 2008. Four in the group were injured, 2 in thr group were killed. 

When rescued by SWAT teams and interviewed by the international media, they all expressed immediate compassion and understanding toward the terrorists, offering words of forgiveness, not accusation.

This book outlines how true, deep, and unqualified forgiveness can become instinctive—by living The Holistic Lifestyle. As survivors retell the horrific moments of their ordeal, they also reveal the modern spiritual philosophy of life that enabled them to transcend and transform this terrifying experience. (more…)