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Little Trouble in Tall Tree: Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Baby gangsters. The idea is almost as absurd as it is awesomely funny- we can’t wait to read LITTLE TROUBLE IN TALL TREE! 

Book Description: This is a Baby Noir mystery set in the peaceful, leafy town of Tall Tree. Join Mama’s Boy in his journey into the brutal baby gangster underworld of the baby hoodlum wars.

Author’s Inspiration: Everything was going along smoothly until the day his wife gave birth to their first child, a son, in 2011. From then on, Michael was smitten. Smitten first with his son, to be sure. But second, Michael found himself smitten with his son’s enormous, round cheeks. Watching the boy navigate the world, responding to his commands for milk, toys, and apple sauce, and observing the baby’s capacity for an imperious eye and flashes of temper when things didn’t go his way, Michael soon realized that the child could well be the leader of a secret baby underworld gang in search of control over the key commodities of infant life. So he started calling his son Squeezy the Cheeks and made up stories about his gang. Baby Noir was born.

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Michael Fertik lives in Palo Alto, California with his wife and son, and has a day job in Silicon Valley.  When Michael shared some of the Baby Noir stories with friends, they confessed that their kids were noirish infant desperadoes, too, recklessly and relentlessly intriguing and bruising their way toward dominance over the household trade in baby formula, milk bottles, blankets, and more. Some of those kids have made their way into the stories as characters. After discussion with family, Michael decided to publish so that he could share the tales with moms and dads of other infant gangsters around the world. 

Author Website: http://ltitt.com/

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The Three Sisters: Hilarious Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: THE THREE SISTERS is a laugh out loud satire you won’t want to put down!  

Book Description:  These three nuns sure know how to have a good time! But when it seems that the trio has had a little too much fun, they’re quickly forced to become nuns on the run! Set back in 1979, THE THREE SISTERS is a hilarious adult satire that pokes fun at religion, government, the media, big business, and the “establishment” as a whole. Laugh till you cry with possibly the funniest story ever told! 

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write a modern satire that broke all of the rules, kept everyone laughing, and was unlike any other book I’d ever read. A friend of mine gave me a picture of three nuns back in college, and I turned that into a series about three nuns and their misadventures. I turned this serial into a book which, though set in 1979, has a lot to say about religion, government, and capitalism today.

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Bryan Taylor is a double PK, a preacher’s kid of a preacher’s kid. With that legacy he faced two destinies, being an unhappy triple PK (Jubilees 17:23, “He that is born unto the son of a preacher and himself preaches shall be miserable until his dying day and suffer eternal damnation.”), or being sacrilegious and happy.

Author Website: http://www.threesistersnovel.com/

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The Vampire Relationship Guide Volume 1: Free for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: A young, clueless human goes after sexy yet shady vampires in THE VAMPIRE RELATIONSHIP GUIDE!

The snarky wit and humor Evelyn Lafont uses will leave you gasping for more.

Book Description: In a world where vampires roam free, one woman wants to have sex with them. No, really, that’s it. Well, okay, maybe there’s a little bit more. Vampire politics? Check. Power struggles? Check. Love triangle? A-duh! Hot men who suck blood? Naturally.

Author’s Inspiration: I love the paranormal romance genre, but I wanted to explore the funnier side of the human/vampire relationship trope. The goal of the series is to provide a snarky story that pokes fun at the paranormal romance genre while still providing characters, romance and a plot that genre devotees will enjoy.

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Evelyn Lafont writes things with the intention that those who read them will enjoy them. Her devotion to researching the paranormal romance genre led her to marry a much older man in order to really nail down the whole vampire/human relationship thing. She was disappointed to find out that her husband’s fangs are basically useless.

Author’s Inspiration: http://evelynlafont.com/

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A Little Leg Work: Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: A LITTLE LEG WORK is an award-winning black comedy set in an Italian restaurant. 

Book Description: A Little Leg Work is a simple story about some guys who run a restaurant and who want their restaurant to be more successful than it is. Their determination to succeed leads them to push the boundaries of taste a little too far. But it’s fun to read about what they do and the consequences for their actions.

Author’s Inspiration: I was inspired by the intriguing question: what really goes on behind the doors of a restaurant’s kitchen? 

There is a crowd funding effort to turn a whacky collection of stories by this award winning author into a published book and short film. Want to help? Contribute HERE.

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Winner of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, A Little Leg Work is Royce Leville’s first novel. It will soon be followed by The Book of Names. This short story collection is currently part of a unique film-book crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.

Help fund the film-book project here

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Husband Training School Prequel: Hilarious Free eBook

Editor’s Note: HUSBAND TRAINING SCHOOL is a laugh out loud comedy all about husbands and wives. 

Book Description: Ladies, does it feel like your husband is driving you crazy? Has he changed since you first got married- and not for the better? Is your time in the bedroom underwhelming, without a trace of foreplay? Instead of giving up, why don’t you get even? Quit nagging him, and end your frustrations for good. Learn from two sisters who created the Husband Training School in an effort to save marriages- not to mention the sanity of wives all around the world! 

Get the full eBook for just $2.99 here. 

Author’s Inspiration: Every couple I know—including my husband and me! I wasn’t surprised when my female friends laughed, but I was amazed that all my male friends burst out laughing and said, “My wife is going to send me.”

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Ruth Harris is a million-copy New York Times and Amazon bestselling author. Ruth’s emotional, entertaining novels have been praised by critics and readers. Her books have sold millions of copies in hard cover, paperback, and ebook editions, and were prominent selections of leading book clubs including the Literary Guild and the Book Of The Month Club. Ruth writes about strong, savvy, witty women who struggle to succeed and, when sometimes they don’t get what they want, they find something even better along the way.

Author Website: http://ruthharrisblog.blogspot.com/

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The Amish Spaceman: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: THE AMISH SPACEMAN features the worst birthday you could ever imagine, plus the Amish mafia. Buckle up for this wild ride!

Book Description: A motivational speaker steals a car and drives from California to West Virginia to save his career. His companions include a runaway bride from Kamchatka, her murderous Russian mafia boss fiancé, and the speaker’s cross-dressing parents, who want to finally throw him a birthday party that doesn’t end in catastrophe.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve had several REALLY horrible birthdays in the past, so I took that to the next level, with a character who always has a catastrophic birthday. The flashbacks included in the book are based on things that actually happened to me, but not necessarily on my birthday. The parents are based on part of an episode of “Real People” from the 80’s, that scarred me for life. Thanks, Mom!

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 6/16-6/20. 

Stephen Colegrove

I became an author for the women, the glamour, and the piles of cold, hard cash. Creating interesting characters and stories is part of that, too. When I was a child I had two goals in life: to make people laugh, and not get pregnant. As a boy, the latter was achieved with little effort. I’m a big fan of British comedy, especially Steve Coogan, Stephen Fry, and Stephen Merchant (basically anyone named Steve), and I try to impart that worldview in my fiction. What makes me tick? Two words: Paul Calf.

Author Website: http://stevecolegrove.com

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Sunday’s Best Kindle Freebies

Editor’s Note: With suspenseful mysteries, sweet romances, and side splitting comedy, there is something great to read in this round up no matter what your mood!  

Click on the covers to get the Kindle books on 6/15. 

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Lost in Crazytown: Free Humor Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: LOST IN CRAZYTOWN is a darkly comic experience of the Hollywood dream. 

Lost in Crazytown had me laughing and rooting for Filip from the get go.

Book Description: Lost In Crazytown is a black comedy which turns the notion of the Hollywood dream on its head. The story follows Filip, a young Eastern European guy as he arrives in Hollywood. Through a chance meeting, he ends up working for a washed up actress in the Hollywood Hills. He is quickly sucked into the crazy world she inhabits with hilarious and hideous consequences.

Author’s Inspiration: I spent a year living and working in Hollywood as a screenwriter, the crazy things I saw HAD to be put into a book.


Get it FREE on your KINDLE on 5/27 – 5/31!



Hi, I write humourous novels with a dash of romantic comedy, page-turners which have heart, and will hopefully make you laugh and sometimes cry.At moment, I’m writing the fourth installment in my Coco Pinchard series. THE NOT SO SECRET EMAILS OF COCO PINCHARD, COCO PINCHARD’S BIG FAT TIPSY WEDDING and A VERY COCO CHRISTMAS have all appeared in the Amazon top 100 bestsellers.I’ve also written a VERY dark comedy!, LOST IN CRAZYTOWN which was drawn heavily from the year I spent in Los Angeles working as a screenwriter. Read it if you dare!

Visit Robert’s website!

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Real Estate Stories: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Go inside the world of property management with the hilarious tales in REAL ESTATE STORIES. 

Great read, fun stories and a few life lessons.

Book Description: Whether you’ve already started down the road to property management greatness, or are considering dipping your toe in real estate, this book will tell you everything you need to know to be successful, calm, prepared and brave property manager. “Real Estate Stories” will give you an insider’s look into the zany world of property management.

Author’s Inspiration: My stories have been shared amongst my family and friends so many times that they’re all incredibly over the tales by now, so I recorded them in this book.

Get this Kindle book Free 5/3- 5/4!


Terry Kass is a licensed Broker and expert in the Phoenix, AZ real estate market. Consistently a top sales performer, Terry has owned, managed and sold apartments in the Phoenix market since 1993. He holds the prestigious designations of CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and CPM (Certified Property Manager) and is skilled in delivering tailored real estate solutions for his clients.

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The Diary of an Inexperienced Father: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: New parents, don’t miss this hilarious and honest portrayal of parenthood! 

Book Description: This is the third book in The Diary of a Father series. Both Graham’s career and love life were looking up at the end of the last book, ‘The Diary Of A Hapless Father: months 0-3’, but unfortunately Graham’s luck is going  to run out soon. Having had his proposal to Alison refused and at risk of losing his new job before he even starts, 2013 isn’t off to a good start at all. One of the only things keeping poor old Graham going is knowing that the first three terrifying months of his son Charlie’s life are behind him. 

Over the course of six months in ‘The Diary Of An Inexperienced Father’ Graham realises just how inexperienced he is not only at being a father, but also in his other relationships and outlook on life. 

The only question is, can Graham get his life on track before Charlie is old enough to form an opinion of his dad? 

Get the Kindle book FREE  today! 


Pete is 32 and lives with his wife, Lucie, and their pet sofa, Jeff. He’s been writing for just under three years and they’ve been pretty eventful; well, more eventful than he thought sitting on Jeff, typing, would be, anyway.

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