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Twenty Poems of Light and Longing: Rabbit HOLE calling – Free Kindle Poetry

Editor’s Note:  TWENTY POEMS OF LIGHT AND LONGING is a lyrical, mystical anthology of rhyme poems. Everybody will find a message in this work!

Book Description: There is too much prose in our lives these days- it’s time for rhyme and poetry to come back. I just want everyone to give this book a chance, open any five pages randomly and read the lines and perhaps you will find a few lines that mean something to you. A window into poetry, into a deeply meant work, that has been won with much longing.

Author’s Inspiration: To bring rhyme and poetry back into the consciousness.

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There is a man here travelling in this train,
Who says when you ask him his name:
‘I am just a dreamer of dreams; I am just a writer of lines,
I am just a sailor of seas; I am just a taster of wines,
I am just a painter of pictures; I am just a bearer of signs,
I am just a prophet of rhymes; I am just a prophet of rhymes….’

I want to be known only through my poetry here, everything else are just a collection of facts, grammar….

Author Website: http://www.poetryofjk.com/

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Whispering Tears: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: WHISPERING TEARS is an Amazon best selling collection of poetry. 

Book Description: WHISPERING TEARS is a compilation of poetry that explores Love, Loss, Anger, Pain and Frustration. Enjoy the poetic release of emotion created by AnnMarie Stone and Alayna Zappa.

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AnnMarie Stone

AnnMarie Stone I was born and raised in Arizona and currently live in Phoenix. I have spent most of my adult life in college and working in sales and customer service type positions, while also raising my two incredible kids and serving three years in the Army National Guard. Recently I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a published author and I have begun to work on my writing full time.

Author Website: http://insidestone.com/


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The Blankful Heart : A Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: THE BLANKFUL HEART is a delightful children’s book filled with the rhymes that kids of all ages enjoy! 

This children’s book will bring tears to your eyes! 

Book Description: THE BLANKFUL HEART is another charming children’s tale from Dr. Meus. It is a fun and touching tale of how the big-bellied Billy Babble cures his heart of its blanks, written in the Dr. Seuss style of rhyme. 

Those who like Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss will enjoy THE BLANKFUL HEART.  

Author’s Inspiration:  Life. The lessons I learn along the way are the inspiration for my stories. How many of us find a certain emptiness in our hearts, which we can’t seem to fill no matter how much we try?

(Though he doesn’t know it, part of the inspiration for The Blankful Heart came when I heard from multimillionaire Ken Behring his story of how he went from Seattle Seahawks owner to founder of the Wheelchair Foundation.)


Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Jeff Bridges if he gained some weight; otherwise John Goodman. 

From the Book: All the Babbles in Babbleland each owned a mansion—

A twelve-car garage and at least one expansion.

 Each Babble made sure to buy many things,

The men many cars, the women big rings.

No Babble went hungry in that Babbleland.

No, no Babble woman, and no Babble man.

And the richest of all in that Babbleland

Was a Babble named Billy, a big-bellied man. 


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Mr. Meus




 I love many things, but possibly my favourite thing in the world is to touch people’s lives in a fun and powerful way, especially when I get to do it in rhyme. 🙂