A Howl in the Night – Free Kindle eBook

A regular Sherlock Bones!

Lovable black lab Taser has finally found a safe and loving home. He loves his new family and life in Arizona, but when a murdered is murdered just up the street, Taser faces a tough new obstacle: either find the killer, or go back to the pound.

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The Young Adult version, “A Howl at Midnight,” is also free today!

A fun version of JK Brandon’s A Howl at Midnight written especially for young adult readers.


Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

A Howl in the Night has its own website, complete with a doggie-cam video. Puppy lovers, check it out! http://www.ahowlinthenight.com

JK Brandon

JK Brandon is the author of several mystery/ thriller novels and stories. His passions are writing, long-range rifle competition and motorcycling. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his patient wife and spunky labs.