Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald – Free Kindle Book

Perfect for those interested in conspiracies and the justice system!

Why is this book one of the top 10 topics discussed in the history of the JFK ASSASSINATION FORUM web site?

Answer: $25,000. 

Want that money? It’s all yours! Just win The $25,000 JFK Challenge! No need to describe the rules now, the main details are here in Volume One . . . but know this, it’s for real, which is why it has caught the interest of the people on the forum . . .

Difficult to win? Nah, child’s play! Just listen to these words from ace prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi: “Only in a fantasy world could Oswald be innocent and still have all this evidence against him. I think we can put it this way: If Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy, then Kennedy wasn’t killed on November 22, 1963.” 

But the author of IMPOSSIBLE says Bugliosi is wrong. Now, who are you going to believe, best-selling author Bugliosi, a prosecutor with over 100 felony convictions to his credit, or some nobody writer no one has heard of?

So, download this book for free on the 22nd, and be the first on your block to claim the prize! And tell all your Facebook friends who think Oswald did it their bounty awaits!

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This book is free on 9/22.