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Editor’s Note: We’re tempted to quit working and just read this eBook today. It’s the kind of thriller that you just might not be able to put down, once you pick it up.

A thrilling read with tons of suspense and moral quandry!

Book Description: A ruthless vigilante ends homelessness by making obvious displays of the golden rule the only way for the public to feel safe. Computer tech Mark must save his own life and the terrorized city.

Readers who like  John Grisham, Michael Crichton, or Stephen King will like  BEGINNINGS

Author’s Inspiration:  The story idea came to me after I gave money to a homeless man in Los Angeles. The guy’s response was memorable. As he accepted the money through my driver’s side window he pointed up and said, “An angel just saw you do this.” As I drove away, his odd reply got me thinking about the homeless situation in America. I wondered why altruism has never succeeded in completely resolving homelessness. Brotherly love is encouraged weekly from church pulpits across the nation and nonprofit assistance organizations do their best to chip away at the problem, yet the problem persists and grows. By the time I got home I had begun to obsess on a concept–a nagging brain-itch that would become Dire Means. If appeals to public kindness haven’t succeeded, what if terror made practicing the Golden Rule the only practical option? Would the reason for kindness matter?
This book is not a sermon and can be enjoyed by readers whether they have sympathy or criticism for homeless people. The plot satisfies both perspectives.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Any young man who plays a good terrified IT guy.

From the Book: He knew Carrie would rush to him with the self-conscious subservience that he liked. Her face would be red; she blushed for almost any reason. Complaints, compliments, or any special attention aimed her way by anyone flushed the twenty-six-year-old’s cheeks, which then drained to blotch her pale neck. Keith had developed a perverse fondness for Carrie’s blushing during her first stint as the temp in his office. In fact, it was a secret reason he had requested her by name from her agency this time. After only a few conversations with her, he had learned how to work his words like a lever that controlled her complexion—filling her face full of red before pausing to let it subside for another refill.

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