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Editor’s Note: If you are looking for a science fiction mystery with a dash or romance, then look no further than AMANDA’S EYES. 

Amanda’s Eyes opens with immediate sense of mystery with intrigue that mounts throughout the story. 

Book Description: Think what you see is what you get? Better think again. Crime can’t hide from THESE baby blues! AMANDA’S EYES is a novel that seeks to answer to the question, what if we could see the monster behind the mask? 

Those who like J.D. Robb and Sue Grafton will like AMANDA’S EYES.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I enjoy exploring human nature, and this one gave me a chance to explore our penchant for appearance over reality; the tension between law enforcement and media; what it takes to do the right thing when you know doing the right thing might cost you; and what happens when cynicism comes face to face with there are more things under heaven, Horatio.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Angelina Jolie

From the Book: I guess you could call them hitmen. You could also call Einstein a math whiz. Think ruthless. Think unstoppable. Think killers so proficient “caught the ferry” was fast replacing “bought the farm” in common usage, and you have the Ferrymen in a nutshell.

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Kathy DiSanto


I’m an introvert, so I do a lot of living inside my head. Given my overactive imagination, that life gets pretty exciting at times. As a kid, I was constantly making up fantastical stories, which I made my younger friends act out. (Several tales included the ability to fly, but those recreations didn’t end so well, so I had to drop that idea. For the time being.)
I first discovered the joy of writing in high school. Can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but there was a lot of frenzy involved. I know this, because I misspelled the word often enough to frustrate my English teacher, Mr. Sanchez.
I started writing professionally at age 46, when my sister gave me the idea for my first romance novel, FOR LOVE OR MONEY. The rest, as they say, is history.
Favorite food: Ice cream, hands down
Favorite place to write: My study, with the windows open
Favorite music: the Vinegar Creek Constituency, and indie roots band
Favorite TV show: NCIS
Favorite recreation: walking my dog, Molly

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