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Editor’s Note: CONNECTED is the best combination of science, adventure, cliffhangers and lust all tied up into a well constructed story that makes it very difficult to put down. 

I found the story to be very original and thought provoking. 

Book Description: CONNECTED is a speculative fiction mystery thriller with touches of science and philosophy. It begins with a brilliant physicist trying to comprehend his brother’s suicide. Then it quickly moves into the investigation of many more suicides which takes him on a quest to understand this mind-altering video

Those who enjoy Michael Crichton and William Gibson will want to read CONNECTED.  

Author’s Inspiration:  Years ago, at university, a fellow student had a breakdown and was admitted to the local psychiatric hospital. A few, who knew him well, went to visit and reported that he’d subsequently lost the plot and was now gabbling incomprehensibly of having found the answer to life, the universe and everything. While most people seemed consumed with sadness and pity at this, my first thought was, “What if he really had discovered some universal truth?” Although I never seriously believed that he had, it was on that day that the seed of an idea lodged in my young brain – a seed that in the summer of 2002 would germinate into the drafting of the first three chapters of CONNECTED from a cabin in the French Alps.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: There are two main characters really: Peter and Doug. Somehow, I can see Colin Firth in the role of Peter, but nobody springs to mind for Doug, so suggestions are welcome. 

From the Book: As the coffin was lowered, the sky darkened and a gust of wind ripped through the churchyard, stirring the ancient trees and momentarily lifting the masks of reverent solemnity gathered around the open grave. Peter studied the faces with a detached sense of curiosity. How well, he wondered, had these people really known his brother? His gaze came to rest on Isabelle. Even now – even through the tears – she looked beautiful. He tried to imagine the feelings welling behind those big brown eyes: anguish tinged with guilt, denial, loneliness – perhaps even anger. He shivered. His own feelings were somehow suppressed. His brother was in a box, about to be sealed away for an eternity in the damp, peaty earth beneath his feet, and yet he felt strangely calm, the whole service having washed over him like a dream from which he might awaken at any moment.


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