You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: YOU WILL SEE YOUR BABY IN HEAVEN sends help, hope, and love to parents of stillborn children. 

It is well-written and honest and can help those encountering stillbirth to see that they are not alone.

Book Description:  This book is a guide for parents dealing with the loss of a stillborn child. It shares the journey they went through from a man’s perspective and gives practical advice on how to deal with the difficult things couples will face post loss. The strong message of hope and love provides comfort to grieving parents. 

Author’s Inspiration:   It never occurred to me to write a book about the loss of my second child until one of my coworkers experienced the same grief and loss in his family. After closing the office door, I talked with him about the sadness and recovery my wife, Mai, and I went through. I told him about how after our second child died we were able to have a happy life again and how we were able to go on and have a healthy baby. Our discussion and my suggestions for ways he could help his family left me walking away with very mixed feelings. Reliving the pain of losing a child was difficult, but the warm feeling of having helped another family was tremendous, and I knew there was a true purpose in that.

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Drew Kelly is a husband and father who enjoys photography, running, and reading. He grew up near Detroit, and spent several years in Japan and loves the mountains, ocean, and rivers there. He is also an avid fan of farmers’ markets and takes his family nearly every Saturday when in season. His best friend, besides his wife, is his pug, Buster, who is always at his side. They enjoy cooking, reading, farmers’ markets and thick crust pizza.

Drew and his Wife Mai have a wildly successful YouTube channel where the teach people how to make sushi: 

Author’s Website: 

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