Prince, Prelude: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: PRINCE, PRELUDE is a spell binding fantasy romance complete with sexy Druids.


A touching love story. 

Book Description: A stand-alone tale, and the backstory for the Legend series–Prince, Prelude—Legend, we find ourselves in 1814, and we will see a good part of it through Prince Breslyn’s eyes.

Gais and the Prince come head to head over a woman. We will see Lamia DuLaine when she first sees Julian Talbot and we will meet the first Maxie Reigate.

Come along and see their world unfold…

Author’s Inspiration: My Legend series garnered so much mail asking about the history of the characters involved, and so Prince, Prelude (which also came out of Prince in the Mist) was born.

Get the eBook for FREE on 12/6. 

Claudy Conn

 I scribble all the time. A rock n’roll song, or a country song gives me an idea and bam, there is a story to tell.

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