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Editor’s Note: TEGAN’S BLOOD is a captivating urban fantasy filled with vampires and plenty of romance. 

This book puts a refreshing spin on the topic of vampires.

Book Description: Tegan’s Blood is the story of one woman’s discovery of a supernatural world right on her doorstep. Sucked into the drama and intrigue of vampires and magic, she finds that she’s not all that she thought she was. Along the way she meets with danger, romance, and is faced with making a decision that will change her life for good.

Fans of Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, and Kelley Armstrong will enjoy Tegan’s Blood. 

Author’s Inspiration: I’m a huge fan of vampire and paranormal novels, and in Tegan’s Blood I wanted to build my own supernatural world full of weird and wonderful creatures.

Get this eBook Free 12/15 – 12/20


Learn more about L.H. Cosway at her website:  www.lhcosway.com

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