Goddess Legacy: Goddess Series Book 1- Free eBook

Editor’s Note: The first in the Goddess Series, THE GODDESS LEGACY follows Legacy Kore as she navigates a new to her world of gods and goddesses

This series draws you in and keeps your attention.

Book Description: The Goddess Series is about a teenage girl who discovers on her seventeenth birthday that her mother hadn’t died all those years ago, but that she is actually a Greek Goddess and Legacy is changing into one, too. Each book in this series follows Legacy through obstacles she experiences over the next year of her life, leading up to her eighteenth birthday and her final ascension…or supposed ascension. Along the way she discovers love, betrayal, heartache, friendship, and answers to questions she never knew ever existed.

Readers who love Cities of Bones and Divergent  will enjoy The Goddess Series.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to write a story where the heroine became powerful in her own right…without external forces.

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M.W. Muse is the bestselling author of the Goddess Series with book one, Goddess Legacy, reaching number one in Teen Romance. Her alter-ego, Mandy Harbin, is not only bestselling but award-winning, writing in adult genres for multiple publishers, but her love of younger stories made her seek a new outlet for those characters swimming around in her head. She still spends most of her time living in her other reality, but enjoys spending more time focusing on the younger side of love


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