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Editor’s Note: HIGH WITCH is a paranormal romance with magic, danger, passion, and true love.

Book Description: Brayden dreams for thirty nights of a beautiful woman. When Ariel walks into his inn, he sees that she’s the one he’s been obsessed with. Brayden works with Ariel to help her control her magic but discovers she’s a High Witch. Immediately the two must flee; evil warlock Julius wants to enslave Ariel. Ariel’s only hope is that her love for Brayden and her powers can save them. NOVELLA 25,000 words.

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 12/19-12/31. 

Mona Hanna 

Mona Hanna is an author of fantasy/romance books. She enjoys writing about love, magic, conflict, trials and the joy of overcoming them. Mona enjoys reading, movies, chocolate, and adores cats. She hopes to release many more fantasy books in the years to come.

Author Website: http://monahanna.com

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