A Shadow in the Flames: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: A SHADOW IN THE FLAMES is a near-future sci-fi thriller. 

“I really enjoyed this book from start to finish! The characters and their story came alive for me and I was intrigued by the plot and its progression.”


Book Description: There is more behind the fire that took his home than Michael Flynn would ever suspect, and more darkness in his only friend than he could ever admit to himself. Now, three nights tracking a cybernetic vigilante will alter his life forever. As a discovery on the Moon promises to change the future of the world, a conspiracy of light seeking to shape that change has its eyes on Michael…

Get this thrilling work on your KINDLE, KOBO, and NOOK on 1/20-1/31 FREE!



My epiphany moment came when I was 19 and escaping from a bad situation into a book. I decided that I wanted to give others the same enjoyment and comfort with my own stories that the author I was reading had given to me. I write to entertain, to provoke thought, to open minds, and to tug at the imagination.


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